Hello Friends ❤️

I am D.I. From Greece
I love doing magick and occult stuff
I love my patron gods with all my heart :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Gremory , King Paimon, Astaroth, Baal-Bael, Sitris, King Belial, mother HECATE, emperor-god Lumiel, Asmodeus, Artemi & Mammon.
Respect and admiration to all of the 72 pillars of the Goeticon :orange_heart:


Do you have and systems of magic you practice?

If you do how long have you practiced?

Hello friend :sunglasses:
I practice using E.A.’s System.
Simple yet effective!

How long have you been practicing?

6 years bro :), you?

Welcome @Dark.Iereas

Do you have any experience in systems or traditions outside of that of EA Koetting?

Welcome to the forum D.I. :wave:t5:

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No I started with his system and I am totally satisfied with the results. EA is The best

Hello Queen Mustang :slight_smile: all of the synchronicity before Agares motivated me to subscribe, I was reading your public thanks to the gods! Wow I was amazed by the way you write. You write great. If I was Belial or Asmodeus I would be totally pleased by the way you give public praise :heart::heart::heart: Great posts!

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Welcome to the forum.

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Greetings and welcome!

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Welcome! I look forward to seeing your experience shine on this site!

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