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Hello everyone.

You can call me Sera or Topi. Either one I don’t mind. I come from the eastern shore of the United States. Growing up, I was always fond of the occult and had the desire to learn. But growing up christian I repressed my deep desire to travel the path until two years ago. I feel as though I have natural ability for magick as I found I can manifest desired outcomes in life it I have a lot of built up emotions, particularly rage. I noticed if I looked at someones picture and focus all my energy onto it I can influence that person’s life negatively. I don’t know if this is a coincidence each time but my mother (who is not in any way into this stuff) has told me she thinks she can make things happen just by thinking about them occurring, good or bad. Perhaps I got this from her or within family lineage? (Irish, italian, Scandinavian, german, and english, and dutch descendant). I also was able to see and hear spirits as a child. Not so much present day unfortunately, though I do miss it.

When I first emerged onto this path of magick I was taught about a god and goddess. And along the way I started to follow Aphrodite, I’m not sure if you guys look to the greek deities but she and I have forged a relationship and her statue is on top of my altar. I have been interested in Lucifer lately and feel him calling to me. I was looking to find my male counterpart to my goddess for a year. Doing some research some sites say he rules over venus and used to be known as the “god of marriage,” I don’t know how true this is but I found it fascinating how they both are so similar… I’ve been offering Aphrodite roses when I try to communicate with her, apparently Lucifer likes them too. I also wear a special rose roll on body oil scent just for them when I go before my altar. I don’t wear it outside my house just to keep it special to them (even though its my favorite!) Though I do have to admit, I never properly tried to reach out to Lucifer yet, growing up as a Christian, I was taught he was the devil, evil, etc. I’m learning that that is not the case? Still. I am still weary of contact right now. But for confirmation of him wanting to be apart of my life I’d call it my “god,” counterpart to my goddess, I pull a single card from a shuffled deck of tarot which I use to communicate with Aphrodite, which she gave me “The Sun,” card. Which I found very interesting as Lucifer was known as the light bearer and the meaning of the card was I was on the path the universe set out for me. And how I learned through wicca, the god is associated with the sun. So I took it as yes, Lucifer is meant to be.

I hope I’m doing something right. I’m here to learn how to communicate with spirits more directly, would love to see what my husband is up to (astral travel) for he is away for awhile, (hes also into the occult) and meet friends! And probably more. Lol.

Go easy on me lol… oh and thats me in my profile picture! :slight_smile: That’s a character I made up myself and what I think I would look like as a Goddess. <3


Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Thank you! I’m glad to be here. I have a lot of lurking to do.

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