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Hello everyone, I am Redshaka from South Africa. It is a pleasure to be here. My great passion is the Ouija Board in order to establish a qualitative contact and relationship with Azazel through the extiction of fleshly and egotistic desires. However, that is something I do indeed still sometimes struggle with, but fasting on all my favourite things and activities is definitely a helpful tool counteract the character-weakening Ego. I come from a Christian background, but turned away from it 3 years ago, because I value Spirituality much more than religion. Spirituality for me is the transcendence of the soul, while religion on the other hand is following a man-made social order that is ruled by ego-minded people who ascend only at the cost of the unenlightened follower’s sanity. The Left Hand Path is definitely the most libirating path, because it is self-empowering and it does not judge. I am very thankful for the possibility to interact with like-minded people who attempt to look below the surface and question the seeming Obvious…


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Check muh stuff, see what you think. :+1: