Hello everyone!

I’m Mitch and I’m a newbie here :slight_smile: a friend recommended me this forum because she said that people here are reliable and helpful. so glad to be part of this community! looking forward to learn from all of you and hopefully to share some insights too! :slight_smile:

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Always be on your guard.

Welcome to the BALG. @Mitchie23!

Please, tell us a little more about yourself, for example, what kinds of magick you like, your current goals or current struggles.

Furthermore, if you have any question, do not forget to use the :mag: option before you would open a new topic, and take a look at the FAQ section.

Please, use the categories properly (as the #tags when you’re about to open a new post), to keep the forum clean and it’s transparency.

Best of lucks in your evolution

Hi. Welcome to the forum.



We need to know more. For example, if you could be a day of the week which would you choose to be and why? If god is all powerful and can create anything, can he create a rock that’s too heavy for himself to lift? Why haven’t you obtained a Magickal Journal or made your own black mirror? Also, tell us about your favourite philosophers and why you hate Sigmund Freud so much? (Trust me, there’s heaps of reasons.) Answering these questions will allow us all to understand you better.