Hello everyone

My name is Joe a 26 year old male and it is a pleasure to be joining you all today. I was raised in a Christian home and due to their teachings i always had a phobia when it came to dark entities or the occult. But due to some complications which lead me to be expelled from the church made me realize that religion is not for me.(left a very bad taste in my mouth) I always considered my self to be a lone wolf,( never had many friends) as a result i started wondering if i could get a demon to be my friend, but was quickly discouraged due to ex beliefs. Then while watching anime i discovered the existence of succubi, as a result i became obsessively fascinated. Ever since I’ve been researching and learning a tons. I have still yet to come into contact with a succubus, as i decided to take the slow approach and learn as much as i can about these fascinating entities. Not to mention that i don’t have any astral senses developed. But i am confidant that through meditation and visualization shall aquire the necessary skill. Furthermore i have no experience with magic or spiritual entities, i have much to learn.

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Welcome @Frostbite

Where are you from?

Are you interested in learning any areas of magick, outside of sexual entities like succubi?

Well i was born in California, raised in North Carolina, lived in Texas for a while and now I’m in Mexico(country)tbh i don’t really know where I’m from🤔

And yes i would be interested in learning about other entities but to be honest i wouldn’t know how to go about it. There is just do much information

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Take a look at some of our beginner tutorials. They can give you a place to start.

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Absolutely thanks :blush:

Hello! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum.

Thank you :blush:

Welcome Joe, good to have you :slight_smile:

Hey there Joe, great to have you here. Welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

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Welcome @Frostbite :blush: