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Hello everyone,
I am 35-year old guy with an interest in spirituality and magic. I meditated for 8 months last year but didn’t seem to go anywhere with the practice so I discontinued. I started dabbling in magic a month ago by getting books by Damien Echols and Christian Penczac. I also got “Middle Pillar” by Israel Regardie ( I haven’t finished it yet) and hope to start practicing magick seriously in a month or so.

For now I am involved as a private eye in a sort of investigation and I desperately need to manifest some “evidences”. I asked few questions on subreddits like r/occult and r/magick but the members there seem reluctant to get off the high horse ( you know what I mean). Luckily I found you guys and I hope you won’t mind a neophyte asking silly but relevant questions, unlike on reddit. I shall do so in the next post.

Thank you all for your time, effort and contribution. May you all be happy.

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Howdy :horse::wave::cowboy_hat_face:, trying to figure this out…

Welcome @Chakra

Where are you from?

Hi, welcome aboard! :smiley:

I just sent you a message (green icon, top right) that explains some forum functions, where to find the cool stuff, and how to do an intro of your own. :+1:

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Wrong place @LVX111fer

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Place, palce or palace?

Whoops. Pardon the typo :stuck_out_tongue:


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Is my ineptitude at this thing slowing u down, “DarkestKnight”?

What do you mean? :thinking:

R u asking me?

Yes, I am.

Specifically I’m trying to determine whether there’s a problem here that’s due to misunderstanding of our forum system of member-moderation. :slight_smile:

Don’t want to type out another intro, “apparently” I’ve ignored others help and misposted

No, it’s okay, you did one in this member’s thread, so I split that out and made it into its own thread, and replied.

So you’re good to go now. :+1:

Intros may seem weird, but since we brought them in ~7 years ago, they’ve been a reliable way to help keep spammers and trolls off our forums.

Ah thank you…

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