Hello everyone

Because i have see many people – not just here complaining about ‘evil spirits’

And because the world is in need i wanted to share with you alla prayer me and my friends start from today until
8 of this april.

A-na B’cho-ach
gdu-lat y’min-cha ta-tir

Ka-bel ri-nat am-cha,
sag-vei-nu, ta-ha-rei-nu no-ra

Na gi-bor,
dor-shei yi-chud-cha,
k’va-vat sham-rem

Bar-chem ta-ha-rem ra-cha-mem,
tzid-kat-cha ta-mid gam-lem

Cha-sin ka-dosh b’rov tu-cha,
na-hel a-da-te-cha
Ya-chid ge-eh
l’am-cha p’neh,
zoch-rei k’du-sha-te-cha

Shav-a-tei-nu ka-bel,
ush’ma tza-a-ka-tei-nu,
yo-de-ah ta-a-lu-mot.

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