Hello everyone!

I’m a 22 year old guy from Croatia. Honestly, I have no experience in magic, the occult or similar stuff. Anything other than Christianity was very shunned upon where I was growing up. However I’ve always been fascinated by it. A few times I even tried doing some rituals which I’ve found online and contacting deities. Sadly (or thankfully) nothing ever worked. I’d like to point out that I’m very open minded to anything, but by nature I’m also a skeptic. Like I said, my whole life I was told stuff like this was either bad or fake. I really want to overcome this way of thinking, but my biggest fear is that my subconscious won’t allow me to succeed in magic. I hope that this either isn’t such a big problem or that I can find a way to change it.

A while ago I got some love problems with a girl which I can’t seem to fix by myself. That’s a whole story for itself and it would be too much to post in a simple introduction! The same girl also told me about her paranormal experiences as a kid. I’m 100% sure she wouldn’t lie and that was the moment which rekindled my interested in the occult. Since then I’ve been searching for a way to fix my problems and that’s also how I’ve found this forum! I’ve also read the Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geoff Gray Cobb and I’ve been doing the rituals in the book for a month now. It didn’t work yet so either I’m doing something wrong or it takes longer than the book suggests, but I don’t plan on giving up yet!

I will continue doing research on my own. On this forum and elsewhere. But if any of you would like to point me in the right direction with books/sites/spells I would be very thankful! While love magic is my main goal for now, I’m willing to try anything beginner friendly. Especially if it helps overcome my skepticism!

Thank you for reading my introduction and I hope I will fit in well here! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum.

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This is common, people talk about it here a lot so do read back old posts for inspiration. :slight_smile: Make sure you are acting in physical reality to ground the energy and help yourself as well.

Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome :blush:

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Welcome! NAP is alot like any other discipline in magick or in life, it takes some time, but keeping up with it regardless of “seen”* results will over all be great help in any route you seek to go down! Best of luck my friend.
*good to note, just because something does not seem to be happening doesnt mean that it isn’t. Keeping an attitude of “its already done/underway” helps in the way of stopping our own doubt or negativity. If you believe its done, then it is done.