Hello everybody

Hi my name is Judi and I am a new member.

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Please provide us with more information about yourself, as this does not meet the requirements for a proper introduction. We find it helpful to know what you practice, how long you’ve practiced, if you’re a beginner, etc.

Here are some ideas for more information:


:slight_smile: Hello Judi

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Please do not forget to do a proper introduction as requested above by @Aprentiz. To meet our rule requires more than the simple greeting you have provided.

Hello my name is Judith, I am new to all this. I am beginner and looking to learn about everything. I have done simple candle spells and tired a few of othe different spells. I also have tried tarot card reading. I am looking to gain more knowledge about magic area.




What’s your age?
What are your excuses, the ones you rely on?
What hemisphere you reside in?
Favourite vegetables?
If you could be a day of the week which day would you pick and why?
Are you an adherent of the Jewish, Viennese dickhead Freud or do you recognise the sheer brilliance of Jung?
Do you have a Magickal Journal? If not, why not?



Nice to meet you Judi, what area do you want to learn first.

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Do not take Uncle-Al to heart. He means no harm, he is sarcastic to everyone. Or at least he tries to be. You will find that most of the people hear are quite helpful. Even him I am sure. Lady_Eva is probably the most helpful to beginners. You should look to her for help. Just start a new topic and we will do our best to help you anyway we can. Welcome to BALG Pixie