Hello All

Glad to become part of such a lovely community.

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Welcome @Estominala . Please make a proper introduction, as you haven’t told us anything about yourself. The purpose of an intro is to give us a firm idea of who you are and what you do. You’ve done neither :thinking:
You are kindly requested to edit your post and include:

  • your name (optional)
  • where you live (optional)
  • your experience in magick
  • your successes if you have had any
  • the aspects of magick you’re interested in
  • your goals and what you’re trying to achieve through magick
  • how long you’ve been on the craft

Thank you.


Hey, Estominala, welcome to the forum.

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  • your name (optional)
  • where you live (optional)
  • not much experience.
  • its hard explain my success in magick
  • binding spells, possession, dreams
  • I have no goals to achieve in magick at the moment. I take things as they come.
  • Not exactly sure if strange happenings counts for how long I’ve been at Magick.
    I am a violinist/musician. With strong ties to vibrations.

Welcome, what brought you too this forum :thinking:

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Not really to sure. I was looking into sex demons and history repeating itself. Came across interesting things. I believe my body plays host to many very powerful entities in regards to what i was searching for. I’m here to look for parallels in others also.

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Have you had any experience with specific demons? Gods/goddess?

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I believe many.
Lucifer. Metatron. God. None that speak to me directly. It seems as if they just use me. It seems they always consist of 13 though. No names have been revealed only through research have I come to this conclusion.

You intrigue me…
by what do you mean the use you?
(My personal perspective) We can only allow ourselves to be used if we allow it.
What kind of spell work have you done?

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Absolutely none. I hear voices from mirrors. I’ll look into the mirrors for awhile and my face disappears. Then my mouth starts speaking for me in tongues. I have very old visions it seems of past lives. Through deep meditation I’ve come to understand that everything and nothing exist. In that I beleive I am a conduit that souls have entered me and those around me for history to repeat itself. I also forgot. I had one vision once without my own doing. I translucent rainbow woman once entered my house she opened my ceiling and she came down with a sky of fire behind her. We made love in the air. Thiswas after deep meditation and then sleep by the way. The sex was against my will. When I hit the bed I awoke with a jolt sideways exactly how I was in the air. Any other questions?

Welcome to the forum!!

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Thank you!

Welcome @ZixNewEra. Please make your own post in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONSarea and properly introduce yourself. Tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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