Heart center to project energy?

I read about many people (mostly through Golden Dawn ish system) charging their talisman and casting spell through that center.

Is there a reason to use it over the hands ?

Is that more efficient for some reasons?

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You can think of talismans like a prepared energy store. Instead of doing the whole spell from scratch, you already did some of it upfront and get get the same result faster. But if your existing method is already fast, there’s no difference other than personal preference.

Enjoying how you do our magick is important. If you’re happy you’re relaxed and your energy flows better, so if you use a talisman and enjoy it’s aesthetic, you get a little boost free as well.


So you think talisman exist only as a reminder of the magick? :slightly_smiling_face:

No, more like a battery in some uses. In others they are idols or vessels.

What do you think about the heart center a way to direct your energy?

Like instead of pushing energy through your hands, you used the center of your chest.

Yes, you can do that. In the Gallery of Magick’s “Light From the Darkness” technique, for example, that is what you do, project light from your chest to empower a talisman, or a servitor etc.


I think it depends on the application and intention. I see the heart center as a source of energy. You can direct it with your mind from it or through your breath or hands.

For example, if I am space clearing, I fill my heart center with love and shine that into the space allowing it to wash away any negativity. Or I may use my breath to direct it as I blow incense smoke into the corners of the rooms. If I am working on building my light body I direct the energy from my centers not my hands.
But if I’m directing energy into a small area, then it’s helpful to use sword fingers to get that fine application.

Like painting sort of: paint in broad strokes with a big brush and fine details with a small one.

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I found it was easier for me to picture energy coming through that center like a blast of light… Expect for cleansing as you suggest, using hands as tools.

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