HEALTH and SAFETY ~do you have those symptoms as well?

Do you have these anomalies?

weird shit
  • running nose
  • bloody snot
  • headaches
  • stuffy ears
  • heat alongside the spine
  • heat specifically at the back of your neck
  • feeling oddly “empty” sometimes

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I just want to know how you are doing, so i could figure out if this is a epidemic or just a specific case of bullshit-ailment.

If you’re feeling weird, it may be best to go to a doctor, regardless of what others are feeling.


I don’t typically get sick ever. I get headaches sometimes when I’m detoxing, (erm,or hungover :slight_smile: ) but I always know why.

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i started fasting because i felt ill XD not reverse
but thanks for giving your cents to the topic.