Healing teeth

What is there of magick to heal teeth?

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Depends. If a whole tooth chipped or fell out I’d say your best realistic bet is contacting a spirit or doing some sort of spell to help you attain the right finances to get the right treatment or to also bring you to the best doctors for the job.

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The tooth have not fallen out but it has inflammation in the root which is painful. I don’t like being depended on doctors.

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Don’t replace doctors completely.

I’m not a licensed professional, and this isn’t to be taken as medical advice… (mods please delete if this crosses the line)

A warm salt water rinse or a hydrogen peroxide rinse can help with some pain and inflammation.

There are a few essential oils you can use to help with swelling and infection. You would have to Google them, but they’re easy to find. You can call on a healing spirit while doing this and make a whole ritual of it if need be.

I know you don’t want to depend on doctors/dentists for this, but please get the inflammation under control and possibly get it checked out. It could be an infection and you could end up losing the tooth. I let an infection go after a temp crown from a root canal broke and after two rounds of treatment for infection, I ended up losing the tooth. Sometimes you just have to go to the dentist.

Whatever you decide good luck.


Summon a healing spirit and breathe into the root with visualization and internally generated sensation

Lemon water is also good because is alkaline which helps with infection and inflammation

I’d just summon a spirit and breathe in their essence into the area and do some breath holds


I have a sigil of Marbas jewelry.

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And it worked in one ritual? Or did you have to do it daily for a period of time?

my advise is to go to the dentist.
For me in emergencies,for pain relief the 55515 trick,works every time or for different pains.
Not for long term.

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There is no time, if you can go quantum, then you can breathe from that dimension into your physcial body, the breath holds collect that energy and materialize it into the lower elemental bodies but you need the air element in order to bridge the spirit

I healed my lungs in one hour by doing this, when i woke up in the morning i was completely healed, I’ve done similar things where id take away peoples lower back pain that was there for years and tried everything, Magick does not have limits I dont care what anyone says on this forum my own experiences say otherwise.

There are masters that can heal cancers and tumors in less than five minutes, time is an illusion based on your speed of vibration, If theres no time that means its already healed in the first breath, you just have to be able to generate or remember the sensation of its normal healthy state and then breathe that energy into your atomic and cellular structure so that it can materialize in the lower elemental layers like your physical body

Because we’re human our bodies dont vibrate as fast but if you were to raise your vibrational frequency, you can manifest anything and heal anything at that speed, so its still very dependent on certain factors, you cant just summon a spirit and everythings good unless you want slower results, the spirit can only heal based how well your energy can channel it into your body, so it goes hand in hand

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Let me first say that you should be open to the dentist or other medical professionals because some times that is how the magick works. Much like how money magick often presents opportunities to make money and less likely just gives you money for money’s sake, you may be guided to the right person, method, best dentist for the best price, etc.

Let me tell you my situation with less magickal and more practical in regard to my teeth and maybe it feels right and can apply here. A couple months ago, I went to the dentist for the first time in a long time because one of my teeth was hurting. I was told it is loose and my gums are receding so bad along with lots of bacteria under the gums that I am in danger of losing 4 teeth unless I get a surgery that costs $14k even with insurance.

I kept seeing those annoying ads on YouTube for dental products and thought I’d rather put a few hundred down to try it and if it worked, great, if not, well, I’d still have to find $14k and this would not set me too far back. I have no solid proof it is working yet, but I tried two of them and have not gone back to the dentist just yet to confirm, but it has been a month of using these products and the “loose tooth” is not hurting any more. I swear my gums look a little better too and I see just a little less of the roots of my teeth, but I could be making that part up in my head. The first product used to burn like hell and make my teeth ache when it went under the gum line and certain spots still do, but a lot less (particularly since adding the second product).

DentiTox - As the name suggests, supposedly detoxes, but also cleans and restores PH balance to the mouth.

ProDentim: - Probiotic that melts in the mouth and encourages flora in the mouth.

There are very little directions once you get them, but it made sense to me to do DentiTox first and I used it twice a day for 2 weeks and then dialed it back to once a day and added Prodentim twice a day for two weeks. ProDentim took a while for them to send anyway, so my plan worked out in that regard. .As of this past Friday, I am using ProDentim once during the day, and DentiTox once right before bed.

I know people into Ayurveda and some swear by “oil pulling” before bed (basically, rinse with oil rigorously for 15 minutes - traditionally sesame oil) and then layering turmeric powder all over the gums after (yes, as in go to bed with powdered yellow teeth).

Sorry for the long post, hopefully some of this is useful. And if you did magick already, again, keep in mind that some random weirdo like me dropping a product name could be the magick working or if you do magick for this later and another person just says, “try this” that could also be the magick working. You may never know, but be open to everything and do the due diligence for anything that resonates with you. Good luck!

I’m sorry, @ARandomDude but we do not allow direct commercial links, so i edited them out of your post. We get spammers that post similar links all the time here, and we have to be careful.

Thanks for letting me know. I understand. The products are easily Google-able by those names anyway.

I have charged and consecrated a raw crystal that shall pull out my disease but according to my divination it will take over a month. Is there no way to remove pain with magick or learn to ignore pain?

I did had in mind once to enchant klorhexidin and transform it into a talisman or what some call “holy water”. The question however have been if the water goes into the root of my teeth where the inflammation is.

Your post reminds me of Bardon’s work Intiation Into Hermetics.

just search for 55515 on the forum.it should be help

Try the exercises in Robert Bruce’s Energy Work. I was able to cure my carpal tunnel after a week of healing thoughtform movements back when I was just starting out. Should work just as well for teeth, especially if the issue is in the gums.

When I first started magick, I sat in the field of wildflowers outside my yard, felt grass between my fingers, felt the vibration of growth, of healing, and hummed, “Huunnnnnnnnnnnm,” which was the vibratory sound the grass made. And I focused on pulling energy in from by feet and hands, and felt it channel into my teeth, imagined the healed teeth where the enamel was worn away, felt the power rushing into it.

After about one day, the wisdom tooth was healed. The others soon started to follow. It is still a work in progress though, but that is because I grew severely depressed from other matters, and practiced baneful magick, which caused disruption in the healing process.

Modern doctors are lethal in the western profession. They know only how to destroy, and send people to ingest deadly drugs. The modern dentists are literally quacks, people who still think putting deadly mercury and silver amalgam fillings into people’s mouths is good. When they first started this about a century ago, people rightly said they were mad. Now look where we are today! Start researching into healing and nurturing the teeth, as they are indeed living bone and not lifeless deposits of minerals like what the modern dentist pretends. I can’t remember the name of the one way back in the early 1900s who did a lot of research on the beginnings of cavities, which for him was an all new problem due to the introduction of unnatural electricity in alternating and duel current systems, and in processed foods.

A good, true healer versed in natural folk medicine is the best option. Those are all but non existant, but Amandha Vollhmer’s Telegram channel may be a good place to start. I think she still has youtube and other stuff on her website.

My mother also uses a personal chiropractor who also does energy work and reiki. It’s amazing what can be done with such real healers instead of Pharmakosi.

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Yes it can also get infected and if it gets infected that’s really bad.