Healing technique as taught by the Queen of Heaven

I am starting a thread on a healing technique and mantra, that was given to me by the Queen of Heaven (Inanna). The mantra goes like this:

"It is the Queen of Heaven, that heals me,
It is the power of Heaven, that heals me.
I am healed by the Queen of Heaven,
I am healed by the power of Heaven. "

You can create your own version in your own language if you like, the power of it lies in intention, visualisation and invocation, not the actual words being spoken.

Repeat this as many times as you can manage and imagine a white light descending from Heaven, suffusing your being and healing you. You should visualise the affected parts being transformed by the white light and appearing healthy. It has worked for me in the past.

Usually, when I use this technique, if I am in pain or suffering from some health issue, I get immediate relief and the effect will last for quite a while. You need to repeat this on yourself as many times as needed and you can use it on others too. In that case, just replace “me” with “you”. If you are doing this in person, place one or both hands on the affected area to suffuse it with energy and concentrate on the visualisation. It can also be done remotely, by connecting to the person that needs healing via a photo. In that case, you need to connect to the person first and imagine their energy body in front of you and direct the white light to the affected area accordingly.

An added visualisation that you can do is to imagine the Queen of Heaven herself descending to earth and doing the healing herself. I see her as an angelic figure, with long blonde hair, white robes and white wings, but you can imagine her in whatever way you prefer. Usually, when I do healing on someone, I will see her working on a person, placing both hands on the affected area to do energy work and physical transformation on the holographic level.

If you try this and notice some effect, I would appreciate your feedback.


If a feedback on the technique, surely it does work. I use it on myself and some people when doing healing work.

However, the mantra I have not tried and also Inanna as the divine energy source.

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I guess the techique itself is pretty universal, but the mantra gives it extra potency, because you’re directly invoking the power of heaven.

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Just using the technique alone uses the energy of the healer which sometimes it is not advisable esp. when one is depleted or out of balance.

The mantra surely gives a boost in potency.


Yes, the invocation part is very important, you shouldn’t heal just using your own energy. Sometimes Inanna will come in person and perform the healing if the situation is serious enough and warrants divine intervention.


When I want to use outer energies, I often call on Raphael or Nitael. They are my personal favourite.

However, I will try Inanna to see how it goes.

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I would definitely recommend her, she is great with healing. Also, with love-related matters.


This Healing technique is very effective, you can actually feel the power surge as you say the mantra. Sometimes, I will replace Queen of Heaven with Elohim, which is also just as effective in invoking the power of Heaven. In fact this is the specific mantra I use for that:

“I am healed by Adonai Elohim,
It is Adonai Elohim, that heals me.
I am healed by the power of Heaven,
It is the power of Heaven that heals me.”

A more advanced Technique, for those that do remote healing is this:

As always, you connect to the person remotely (usually via a photo).

When the connection is successful, you should feel an electromagnetic buzz on your face, this is often compared to a cobweb descending on your face. There is often a sound effect accompanying it, which is similar to tuning a radio station. When you find the right frequency, there should be a sound of harmonic resonance, like when you find the right frequency for a radio station.

Once the connection is established, I ask for permission from the person’s higher self to heal them. I ask, until I get a reply. If it is affirmative, I will often ask the person’s higher self to assist me and give me direction on where to go and what to do, as they obviously know best.

I then ask them to project their energy body in front of me. This, I will see as a light show basically and darker areas are immediately noticeable, those are the areas I will mostly concentrate on.

First I do a scan of their projected energy body with my hands, use the buzzing sensations and the lights that I see as a guide. Darker areas have a lower frequency, brighter areas have a higher frequency, which can be felt on the surface of the hand in terms of electric buzzing.

I will invoke the above mantras as many times as necessary to commence and maintain an energy flow from heaven. I will direct them at the darker, lower-frequency areas, where the flow of energy is blocked or may be suboptimal until they light up and quicken. I go through the energy body several times and keep scanning and doing repairs, until I am satisfied, that the person’s energy flow is sufficiently unobstructed.


Just a little update. I tried this method again on my GF, who was suffering from severe pain in her arms, hands and legs. By saturday, she could hardly move and everything hurt, her left hand was even swollen.

I told her I would do some healing on her and spent around 20-30 minutes going over her chakric-energetic system, chanting the aforementioned healing mantras and sending energy through my hands to the parts that felts required attention. The final step was to ask her to place her hands over her solar plexus, as that is the human body’s main energy centre. I placed my hand over hers and concentrated on flushing her system with Kundalini energy, which operates in a pulsating manner, with peaks of very high power lasting a moment, kinda like a lightning strike.

She felt very calm and relaxed due to the energy I was transferring and she also reported getting into a peculiar state of body-mind, which she never experienced before. She told me it was like her body wasn’t hers any more, she felt like her consciousness was separated from her body.

At first she didn’t feel much of a difference, but then she fell asleep and the next morning, all the chronic pain, which has been building and intensifying for weeks due to her doing repetitive physical labour, was gone. She could still feel an occasional pang in her left wrist when grabbing something, but otherwise she was completely pain-free after one session and felt incredibly energised. This morning, even the small residual pain from her wrist was gone and she is completely symptom-free.

However, I must report that I used my Kundalini energy for the healing, despite also invoking the power of heaven. By invoking heavenly beings, I raised my vibrations and amplified my own Kundalini energy, but that was definitely also needed for the healing to be successful.

I hope the above has been useful and informative.


Try invoking seraphim

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I am bumping this thread, since more and more people and their loved ones are getting sick, not least because of Covid, but also because they can’t get the proper care they need in the middle of a pandemic. I have heard back from a few people that this method helped them or their loved ones, so be free to utilise it on your own. The more your do healing, the more effective it will get, as with everything, it takes patience, practice and determination. We can’t always rely on the medical system to save us, so it’s best to be prepared for everything.

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