Healing soul

Hi all…
Anyone knows any entity who can help with soul’s healing ???

Many beings can help with that, probably literally about any cat can do that.

May depend on what kind of healing a soul needs if there was a specific kind of wound you are talking about, someone here at BALG may be able to give you name of some being who can help with a specific healing process.

get over a love breakup

I’m sorry, but your soul doesn’t need healing after a breakup. Breakups are a common occurrence in life.

What you should do is treat it like the loss it is and work on releasing your grief over it.


And regarding emotions, is there nothing one can do ?

A cord cutting could help. But your soul isn’t hurt. You are feeling very normal very human emotions. You can do self love and emotional healing rituals. But it is also to feel all the emotions you need to as well it is a part of your healing.


The suggestions you were given are good. Allow your emotions to move through, don`t try to suppress them or think that you’re not supposed to be having them.

You can use the Havening technique to cope with the pain of break up. It is a simple but effective method that has been developed by neuroscientists. You find it on Youtube if you search for “havening for emotional self regulation”.

There are also a lot of EFT Tapping videos on Youtube on the topic of breakup that you can tap along with.
Following herbal remedies might help too:
Hawthorn (this I’m thinking during the day)
Rose (again during the day)
Valerian root (upon waking)
Rescue remedy flower essence (upon waking)

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The herbal remedies sound good too, thanks :+1:t3:

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