Healing request for being BUUHHLOATEDDDD!

Hello, everybody. So I’m bloated. We just came back from vacation and half of my vacation, my legs are bloated from the knee area down to the tips of my big fat silly looking toes. I’m bloated enough where when I poke a finger in my flesh, it stays pitted for several minutes.
I could go to the doctor and she would give me diuretics, but diuretics give me constipation. I just got done running through a course of magnesium citrate and Miralax, which helped with the constipation.
But this bloated-ness is kind of painful! Would anyone like to help? The elastic on my socks and the bottom of my sweats legs have embedded into my skin and are showing on my flesh. I hate dis!
I ate the shit out of a lot of salty and starchy foods, but vacations are like that. Thanks in advance for anything you can do!
Love, Smoothie.


Pitting edema is a pretty serious problem that shouldn’t just happen from eating a few unhealthy foods, do you have any pre-existing medical conditions, or some excess weight? Please make sure to check in with medics or reputable pros about this if so. :+1:

Spirits and magick can help with these things, but simply treating a symptom may not help.

Try this to begin with, it’s simple and intended for ease of use:

Edit to add, non-angelic wrap:


Pitting edema is heart related.

Ironic, I just biked home and ma and pa cooked a feast. So I’m bloated but not like that. I don’t get to ear like it’s thanksgiving of my youth these days. It’s a surprise and I’m a glutton just a wee bit. I exercise every day and make trips to town by bike.


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Hi, thank you for the links, and yes I will get with the doctor on Monday and get it figured out. I do have a little bit of extra weight from some psych medication, so the extra weight is only recent. I looked up pitting edema and found that flying is one thing that can cause it, and we did take three flights to reach our destination, and then three flights back. Also I had zip lined. I wonder if that counts as “flying”? It felt like it.
I like the idea of healing wraps, thanks again for the links!


Lack of Grounding.

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Interesting, i was in a close range situation where i had the option to work on someone with bloated legs when traveling a few days back.
I was told by one of My Demons, it’s the Cell regeneration which isn’t working correctly with him,
yet another one together with me argued back at him saying, nope it’s the Cell Water co-relation, those cells being sponged and the overall Flourid levels in his body being mis-aligned.

I refused to talk to him directly, and since i only casted a little healing towards him, he felt uncomfortable by noticing my attention, but not getting my full aid.

He had tapped into my Astral body -weather that was concious or unconcious, i don’t take these things lightly, and it’s part of why i limited my reaction to just a minor healing.

I will help you.

Be ready to be visited by a “scary” creature,
the Vampire which will approach you in another plane then regular 3d World will be me.

I’ll help you get your body liquid mixture back under control.

You’re welcome for my efforts,
so don’t worry about it.

A Candle and offering some Clove and Cardamom by burning them will be welcomed by me as an offering.

If you can provide me something to link towards you via PM, that’d be helpful!
(Name to call, picture of the hurt body parts or face picture to acces your body and birth date will be sufficient.)



Agreed with that step, you should make use of it.
I did in a case where i needed healing shortly before.

Thanks again for the great Results back there! :slight_smile:



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Wow that sounds cool! :heart_eyes_cat:

Hope you get this fixed asap. :+1:


Thrombosis, blood clot.

YBerioth, so this is what happened: I didn’t see anything “scary” but I did see, where black cloudiness comes in at the sides of my eyes. It slowly bounces inward and outward. It came on suddenly, lasted a few minutes, then went away slowly. I know it was not medication that helped, because I took only the stuff recommended for the constipation, but not the one the doctor gave me for the bloating because I had already asked for help here.

I did dress out a candle in ylang ylang and it sat in a little bit of Hawaiian volcanic salt while it burned, and burned cardamom and clove on top of a charcoal.

Thank you for everything you did.

I am totally better now. I am not bloated or constipated. Other than these annoying bladder leaks, I feel fine.

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I’m very glad i cloud help.
Also thank you very much for reporting back about the results.
I hope you’re completely fine soon.