Healing from a betrayal

I can’t speak about this with anyone in physical life and while spirits have been helping me, I need a humans (or mages) opinion.

During December while I was hostipalized, I had a dick betray me in the worst way possible. I had two other friends say nothing while this all went on behind my back. It’s tearing me apart now.

Honestly I want, let’s call him Square, dead. He’s been a piece of shit to me since high school and I think it’s long overdue. I did cast a spell on him and never felt such rage before. I followed EAs technique with my own adjustments. I did want him to suffer for the rest of his life and my guides helped me but there’s still so much of rage it’s like I want to bash his brains in.

My other friends and the individual who was hurt well I don’t want them to get harmed. They tried to stay Nuetral.

Honestly I feel empty and dead inside after this. I can’t describe it but it feels terrible. If it wasn’t for Freya and the other guides then idk what would happen. The worst part is that the person who offended. I don’t know what to do and it’s just terrible. I don’t wanna die though and excercise makes me feel better so yeah not all bad. But the feeling of disappointment is terrible. I have been invoking which stabilizes my mind. I’m just so pissed and disappointed at everything.

Please can anybody lend me some rituals or medidations or general advice to heal from this because it hurts worse than any emotional thing I’ve suffered before. I need it and thank you all in advance. I really needed the help this time…


Marbas and King Paimon.

”it is what it is. accept it and move on” helped me through a lot.
Make yourself into the best version of you, focus on YOU. Make yourself stop thinking about the bad stuff and focus on good things. one day at the time.
remember you choose what matters in life and you decided when enough is enough.
If you wanna feel better, do better. What are you doing that will make your life better rn? what are you doing to be happy rn and not sad?

working out is a great way to let emotions out and working out also makes you feel better in the long run so if you’re not doing that you should start


Evoke Raphael for healing, and Michael may be able to help to deliver justice if you want

My friend betrayal sucks, I’ve been through it, but I think the dude went off Scot free

If you can’t get over the person to focus on your well being, I’d suggest a curse to get rid of your anger towards him, pick a picture of the person, and with hands forming horns, aim at the picture while returning all the pain to them, no one else will be harmed unless he can return the curse


That’s true though I’ve been told to not let the emotions build up much.

Right now I should be performing a ritual to help empower my birthday Ritual in the next few days. You’re right, while I have to process the bad, I need to focus on myself and my self growth right now.

It hurts worse when it’s those closest to you and in my case a worm who I saved from suicide a few years ago. Granted I’m a jerk too but still what he did well let’s say even him been eaten alive by ants wouldn’t be enough.

I’ve used a curse on him and the spirits said it was successful. But that rage still burns. I like your technique and I’ll definitely add it to my arsenal. I’m considering sending a servitor to “pleasure” him at night. It sounds vengeful but he just doesn’t care, he got what he wanted and brags like a little boy. He’s gonna learn and suffering will teach him


Send the energy back to sender. Retribution is the only way


Yes he’s never going to learn otherwise

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Today I feel better thanks to the Gods and healing. Odin has been very firm with me becoming more assertive and literally beat me till I fought back.

This morning an ancestor of the target paid me a visit and thanked me for doing what she should have done years ago (his grandparents never wanted him). Her energy was unpleasant though so I needed to clear out my house.

Also I’m considering using EAs technique to make him more perverted and cowardly than he is. I don’t have any items of his but I can make another drawing :thinking:

What systems do you normally work with? I feel like I can think of a few things in Archangels of Magick that would come in handy here, as far as healing and moving on and self-care.

As for the baneful side, I can think of plenty.

Hang in there mate. If you need to vent please just keep us updated in this thread. I know it’s terrible to feel alone and as though you can’t speak to anyone about issues irl. Just getting your words out can be an exercise in healing.

It’ll be fucked for a while but… Don’t shy away from the things you’re feeling or repress them. Face them head on and go straight fucking through them. Don’t let this event change YOU or the way you see the world. Something terrible happened but you are strong enough to move past it.


I always appreciate your comments :rose:

Honestly? I stopped working with systems. I mostly work with Norse divinities and the Greek Pantheon while occasionally working with other Pantheons. I guess I follow a mixed one.

I’ve been recommended the Archangels by other members though I had an experience were I cut them off along with the infernals in favor of the Deities. I don’t think it would be good to just to to them for help though I still feel a connection to the Archangel Samael :thinking:

I have a curse in my mind were I write an affirmation stating that his life is falling to shit on a piece of toilet paper and flushing it down the toilet every day over a period until something happens to him. It would be me stacking up the work the spirits I asked help from are already doing to him.

I definitely will and I’m grateful to have a forum like this were nobody judges. I did tell a friend in real life about him and she said she’s glad she never spoke to him based on the vibes she got. But I’ll be sharing about what happens to this target here.

I thought it was going to change me but after letting it all out and doing some cleansing rituals, I feel more empowered. I remember that even the great Heracles was betrayed once but rose above it. I am getting better, I remember Odin telling me to let it all out but stop talking or looking down on myself because it’s “wounding the warrior within”

Thanks for the advice as always Veil!


This is sage advice and you should definitely take it to heart. Don’t let the bullshit of other people make you bitter, don’t let it touch your inner spirit or change how you view the world. What other people do is NOT a reflection on who you are. Let your emotions flow freely and deal with them as they arise, so you can consciously release them.

It won’t be a one-and-done process and you may have to keep at it for a few weeks. But it’s important work. Really important.

If you have spirits you normally lean on (your stated chosen pantheon/deities), lean on them or ask for their advice. An established connection with a spirit can be soothing (like you mentioned), and it sounds like you’ve made some progress with those entities you are already connected to. No point in going out and buying five new grimoires searching for some little ritual if you already have a point of contact that brings you peace.

(Totally unrelated side note but it’s interesting you mentioned Samael because I have never worked with him, but for the past day or so I’ve felt this insistent prodding to contact him. :thinking: )

I had someone fuck me over last year and I used a ritual from one of Corwin Hargrove’s books to “make someone feel intense regret”. If your rage is still fresh and raw you can definitely channel this into something. Even if it’s not a structured ritual, you can give that to your chosen deity and let them take care of it. Pour it out to them, exhaust yourself.

And, don’t be disheartened if you go back and forth for a while. Treat yourself kindly. Treat yourself like you are your own best friend. I feel like it can be so easy to slip into self-blame territory when something bad happens to you. If you catch that happening – refuse to allow your inner talk to turn negative. Be your own best friend, and even when it feels impossible, remember that comfort is something you can give to yourself as well.

You got this, easy :bouquet: just come here and post when you have to. No one is here to judge and we’re all on your side.


I think this was for the better. It’s inspired me to “take up arms”. I realized that staying down is just going to get me more blows, I’m gonna have to stand up at some point and it’s not easy but will be worth it.

I blame myself though. I had a fight with the person who was affected by this and Square tool advantage over my absence. If I was there things would have been different.

Today it felt fine but at night the emotions rose again. I think I’ll use night as an opportunity to heal.

I like this advice. It’s best to stick with Pantheons we are close to. Invoking has helped a lot to especially during rituals (Heimdall for example helps my mind stay focused during the rituals).

[quote=“Veil, post:10, topic:139101”]
(Totally unrelated side note but it’s interesting you mentioned Samael because I have never worked with him, but for the past day or so I’ve felt this insistent prodding to contact him. :thinking: )

Maybe this is the confirmation :grin:

I want to make him regret it so this is good. I am considering making him regret it so bad he starts self harming or worse. Basically he must get the message but know that nothing will ever help him not even death.

I’ve been trying this. I then remembered how many Gods and Heros had their share of traitors. It comes in waves but I think I overpower the negative now. Strangely listening to the story of Chu Chulainn gives me hope for myself. I’m also getting closer with my Shadow.

Thank you I do appreciate this :rose:

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The best revenge is to not be lime your enemies.

I am in a similar boat. Immense pain from betrayal. My advice. Invoke to have them be punished in the way that is fitting.

In my case, this woman who refuses to believe me. Who wants to believe in her false idol. (A real person who has a cult of personality) I invoke that she see the truth. See the truth she denies, see the truth see demands but refuses to see.


Everything in life, good or bad is just a section of our life. It’s just a memory. Learn to let go of those memories and focus on living the present to create your future. They are memories and leave it at that. Do not let the memories of the past take your power. It’s like a photo. they have no affect on you unless you dwell on it. YOu are the controller of your thoughts. think or be empty mind on things that can help you in your present situation. Let go all the past if it’s not going to help you.

The memory will always be there , yet you control how much power it has on you. Think of it as just a movie for that time in your life. Just like watching a real movie, once it’s over we just move on with your life getting back to reality.

I have a different entity to suggest: Loki.
When I was in more proximity with people who like to be mean and hurt me and lie to me and enjoy it, I called on him. I asked for truth and clarity, and a day later everything was so clear it tore me apart. But, it’s what I asked for. Truth above all. And then, more. It was a challenging ritual, or they have been I guess since I’ve worked with him multiple times, but always worth it. I say challenging because Loki refuses to make himself (or any gender neutral term given who Loki is) known unless I am honest with myself and him. I don’t think he’s ever come when I am not crying and bleeding pain and fear or desire. Loki is someone really special to me because of this, because of how he’s helped me heal from betrayal and so much more. He can also be a bit viscous though as a fun twist.
As a side note, you mentioned Freya, so I’m interested to know if you’ve also worked with Loki? I really recommend it either way.

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I am going to disagree with you here. “Just a memory” makes it seem like the past hasn’t made us who we are, hasn’t shaped us, doesn’t need healing when it’s been bad. And it isn’t a movie, it is reality. It’s real. I’d also argue that movies, and stories at large, affect how we live and experience reality. If a story doesn’t stay with you, I think it wasn’t worth it.

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In my case that would be for him to suffer from castration and disease :thinking:

That sounds powerful. I like this :grin:

It’s not that easy. I know that seeing him worse than dead is the only thing that will bring peace. Not to me but to many people

I do work with Loki and yes he has helped a Lot with this issue. He also helped me cover my tracks when I was casting and he is a good friend. Your opinion is the definition of Loki😁

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I cast my second spell which I won’t detail yet. After I was done I felt the energy try to return to me and focused it with a strong intent and visualized him hitting the floor with the impact. I won that battle.

I have one last phase of this for now

you have no idea how the mind works do you? the poster wants healing from it instead of being trap in it. mind processing of life events is one way of how you deal with it. reframing it is a skill and tool to weed through life troubles. And that’s the truth. It is a memory. It’s all in your head. Go research and learn NLP if you want further understanding. It don’t mean it’s not valuable experience in your life.

Putting so much emotion and not letting go is called being attached. so attached that it consume the person. No one should be attached to any experience/memory that they can’t live life normally. This is why they are in the situation they are in. Being so attach to an event in one’s life of being a person. ONe should take control and get back one’s power , not give control away to these memory.