Head spins

A day after I prayed to archangel Zadkiel ( petitioned ) I started getting these vertigo like symptoms - like if I turn over in bed it feels like my head and the room is spinning.

Any idea if it’s spiritually happening or just exhaustion?
Any insights would be helpful.

Ps - I used no protection or banishing thing. Plus I prayed to lucifer too before that and used no protection. I also saw a doc to get the meds for vertigo. Mostly BPPV - however any one who has their senses awakened can give some info would also help. Thnx in advance

If you already assessed mundane possibilities, Archangel Zadkiel is a seraphim Angel one of the 7-12 angels who stands before God’s thrown, his energy can be pretty intense for those who aren’t use to it, his energy is pretty storm related as with his legions of Hashmallim angels.

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It can be because of the elemental imbalances. Banishing for eg. LBRP is more about balancing the magician than protection.

When we invoke/evoke higher energetic spirits without balancing ourselves first then that can cause elemental imbalances within us. For magicians who are experienced and have been working with these higher energetic spirits Demon/angels for a longer period of time do not necessarily need to balance before the ritual because over a period of time you get attuned with their energy you are working with.

So I would suggest you do cleansing and elemental balancing exercises. You will feel fine.

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Can help me with a cleansing or elemental balancing ritual?

You can try this method. :arrow_up:

The method I use relies heavily on creative visualisation.

You can set up your altar as you normally would. Invoke your elemental demons or if you don’t work with demons then invoke your Elemental Angelic circle.

First you must remove all of your elements from you. You can do this by imagining that you are holding a box you put all of your elements, one at a time and throw the box from you. You will have to fill the box with each element more than once. Imagine earth as soil and leaves. Imagine Air as smoke. Fire and water etc.

Once you have removed all your elements and you will be able to tell because you will be exhausted you can begin replenishing that which you have freed yourself of. Imagine refilling the box with “fresh” elements. Only fill the box once with each element. Pull the box into you. When this is done correctly you will feel invigorated and energetic. Then you close the ritual as you normally would.

You can modify this ritual however you like.

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Thank you so much.

I’ll try to do it - lemme take the meds first.

Idk - my head feels so under pressure but it’s not a headache

Just a query - does this effect disappear on its own or remains forever?

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It’s not a forever thing but if it stays for a longer period of time you do need to consider visiting a physician.

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Thnx a lot

It’s only been like 3 days since the head spin started.

Will light sandalwood incense and take a good bath and visualise.

Ty once again