Monthly Self Spiritual Maintenance

Monthly Self Spiritual Maintenance.

If like me you work with intense spirits, forces and energies. As well as directing huge amount of power in your magickal rites. I believe it is of utmost importance that you do a sort of spiritual update on yourself every month.

The reason is because our energy pathways, our own psyche, our aura, energy centres, subtle bodies and our very own astral matrix needs to be refreshed and fed.

I call it my monthly self spiritual maintenance, were for one whole day i’ll devote time to cleaning, cleansing, recharging, empowering and balancing myself out in the most perfect way possible.

Here is my schedule which I take and I do this every month and my personal spiritual essence and power as well as my success with my magick remains amazing from it.

Cleansing Waters.

I start the day off by performing what I call ‘The Cleansing Waters’. This can be done with both a bath and a shower, it is simple but works very well.

Items required

  1. Bath or Shower
  2. White Towel
  3. White candles
  4. Cleansing Incense ( You can use - Dragons Blood, Frankincense, Copal, Myrrh, Benzoin, Amber etc )

Fill up your bath or turn on the shower, light you white candles and set them out in the bath room. White candles are symbolic of purity and cleansing energies.

Light your cleansing incense close the windows to allow the smoke to fumigate the area. Lay out a white towel upon the floor, this is also symbolic of being clean.

Simply lye in the bath or stand in your shower and begin to clean your physical body. Now begin focus on the feeling of the movement of water over your body, feel the waves of energy contained within the actual water.

Now close your eyes, feel the cleansing energies in the air, see the incense smoke carrying spiritual essence of cleansing.

See in your minds eye the white candles, flooding white cleansing light in the area, see this light merging with the cleansing mist of the incense. Until the room is filled with smoke made of white light.

Begin whispering.

“ Cleansing Waters, Cleansing Waters
Of Purity, Of Cleansing, run through me, Cleansing Waters, Cleansing Waters,
Of the western watchtower, flow through my being, I invoke your power “.

Now see the water shine with light dip your middle and index fingers in the water trace a regular pentagram upon your chest. Inhale deeply feeling the cleansing powers in the water and in the air enter the pentagram crawling through every aspect of you and cleansing you.

See the light in your subtle bodies, chakras, aura, even physical body. Exhale deeply and see brown energy liquid exit your mouth and be washed away by the spiritual water. Repeat this over and over until you feel literally lighter.

Next step out of the shower or bath, sit upon the white towel, mediate for only one minute. Focusing on your breath and feeling how purified your being is, as you do this recite.

“ I am clean, I am purified by the power
Of the cleansing waters, I am renewed, I am healed by the power of the cleanings waters, I am rejuvenated, I am restored,
Cleansed I am, by the cleansing waters “.

Recite this three times, while feeling the pure energies within you and in the area, fluctuating.

Now allow your body to dry naturally in the air, only use the white towel to dry your hands, feet and head.

Rebalancing Your Elements.

This is to balance the power of the four elements within yourself. Working with certain forces intensely or over a certain time you may have one element stronger than the other. Leading to a elemental imbalance, it is important to rebalance your elements.

Items needed.

  1. Bowl of water
  2. Rock/leaf/plant/earth
  3. Empty glass or a feather
  4. Candle or bowl of fire

Place the bowl of water in the West, place one of the earth substances in the north, place the empty glass or a feather in a glass in the east. Place a red or orange candle in the south or a bowl in the south.

Place the white towel you used in the cleansing water rite upon the ground.
Now sit on the towel, look towards the earth substance in the north.

Focus on the substance and begin whispering.

“ hear me, watchtower of the north, watchtower of earth, come and rise, bountiful and healing element of earth I summon thee, earth come and awaken “.

Visualise the earth substance, shine with a green energy, forming a column this is the energetic version of the watchtower of earth.

Focus on the east, look towards the feather or empty glass now whisper.

“ hear me, watchtower of east, watchtower of air, come and rise, majestic and alive element of air I summon thee, air come and awaken “.

Visualise the feather or empty glass, shine with white energy, forming a column, this is the energetic version of the watchtower of air.

Focus towards the south, look towards the flame now whisper.

“ hear me, watchtower of the south, watchtower of fire, come and rise, powerful and strong element of fire I summon thee, fire come and awaken “.

Visualise the flame shine, with flame like coloured energy, forming a column, this is the energetic version of the watchtower of fire.

Focus towards the West, look towards the water now whisper.

“ hear me, watchtower of the west, watchtower of water, come and rise, free flowing and impenetrable element of water, I summon thee, water come and awaken “.

Visualise the water shine, with blue energy, forming a column, this is the energetic version of the watchtower of water.

Now focus on the change in the atmosphere once all watchtowers have partially been called.

Next close your eyes, whilst whispering this.

“ Earth, Air, Fire, Water,
Azazel, Amaymon,
Belial, Abaddon,
Rise, Rise “.

Recite this around six or seven times, you’ll notice the intensity of the manifestation of the elemental powers are intensified by the demonic gatekeeper assigned to each watchtower.

Now visualise your crown chakra, spin counterclockwise, as it spins like this think of it as a vortex which sucks in the energy you desire. Now Inhale feel and see the elemental light of each watchtower, enter your crown chakra all at the same time for balance.

Feel your body on fire and radiating with heat and say ‘I am fire‘.

Feel your body become water and be calm and then switch to crashing waves back to calm water again and say ‘I am water’.

Feel your body become rock, sand, plant matter and feel the vines growing and stretching across you and feel the connection to all aspects of earth upon the earthly body and say ‘I am earth’.

Feel your body become air, light and you feel like you are everywhere and yet you are were you sit too and say ‘I am air’.

Now feel each element inside you, balanced in perfect elemental union, next simply say

“ I invoke Earth, Air, Fire, Water
For I am the four elements
For I am balanced in the four corners
Of existence “.


I know suggest you drink and eat something, take about 30 minutes to an hour to just chill out for a bit.

Next get dressed if possible wear something white.

Energy Session.

You can light candles for this, incense and even play music try and make a great atmosphere also having activated clear quartz to heighten the energies in the area would be great.

Enter a meditative position, keep your hands joined in your lap, this forms a circuit for the energy to travel perfectly around the body and self.

Now close your eyes focus on your groin area. Focus on the root chakra feel just underneath it is a heat building and building.

Feel the part of you which is sexual rising to the surface of your mind embrace it, focus on the animalistic part of yourself rising through feel all your primal instincts rousing through you.

Visualise a red energy, hot and lustful shining in the root chakra. Inhale deeply and exhale as you do this visualise the root chakra energy rise up into the third eye, backdown into the root creating a circular energy circuit.

As you do this focus on your breath do this for around 2 to 5 minutes. Now visualise a fire like energy rise through all six chakras of the body.

Inhale deeply pulling it up, exhale deeply pushing it back to root do this for 10 to 15 minutes. As you do this feel the Kunda serpents slowly unwrap from the abyss of the self. Allow them to travel with your breath around all chakras. Feel the Kunda force the Kundalini rise through you, even if you can’t raise the kundalini you will tap into the essence of the Kunda energy.

Feel this amazing energy enter you brain, like a bolt of lighting, inhale deeply hold the breath for six seconds.

As you do this feel energy pass from the left hand side of the brain to the right and side of the brain. As you exhale feel the energy stay in the centre of the brain then inhale deeply and hold for another six seconds, passing the energy back and forth to each side of the brain.

Do this for 3 to 5 minutes, your being will be rising in vibration it will begin to feel amazing. Feel and see internally the vibration echo through all your chakras, feeding and rejuvenating them.

Focus on the energy of each chakra for 5 minutes each, focusing on the attributes and abilities and nature of each chakra while doing so.

I now suggest grounding yourself after this the best method would be seven basic yogic asanas.


Take another break this time for about two hours, eat, drink, relax and then get back to it.

Unification With Your God-self.

Items needed.

  1. Three black candles

Place the three black candles in a triangle shape, light the candles make sure the triangle is big enough to sit in.

Next walk around the circle clockwise, whilst reciting, the summoning of all magickal powers.

" Itz ranchu mantantu vespacha kaltamu itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tazu
Vaskalla itz rachu kantantu vespacha ".

Walk around in the circle, whilst whispering this try and get to nine repetitions, as you do this visualise the power has created a energetic circle of blue fire around the triangle.

Now stand in the candle lit triangle of manifestation, visualise a circle of flaming energy encircling the triangle your in.

Close your eyes and visualise the power of magick in the air, shining with white light of pure power in every particle in the air.

Inhale deeply pulling this particles into your being, filling you with the powers of magick. Each particle shines with more power than a sun, enough power in just one particle able to create worlds or destroy them.

Feel the particles of light flood through your being. As you exhale feel the fluctuations in yourself as you flux inside you’ll notice the air begins to flux with you, so does the whole world.

Keep repeating this until your whole being is shining with godlike light, now as you breath and feel the fluxing within yourself you’ll feel the world flux with you.

You’ll notice the world mimics you, this is you rousing forth the dormant godlike power within.

Now close your eyes allow your legs to come together while standing and allow your arms to go out in the air as if your body is forming a cross.

Allow the godlike light to shine, as you breathe bright and brighter with each breath until your body is a cross of light.

This cross represents the crossroads, the world between the physical and spiritual, this is symbolic of us being the gateway between both worlds. It is also symbolic of embracing the spiritual in the physical and vice versa.

Feel yourself become the beacon of godlike light, feel all existence dissolve around you. For your light destroys and diminishes existence visualise all is void.

See your essence dissolve into the void the place of nothingness but also the palace of unlimited resources and possibility. As you inhale feel yourself become solid light In the void like the only sun left in empty space. As you exhale feel yourself dissolve into the essence of the void. You fall into its energetic blankets of infinite possibility, inhale again feel the void rebuilding each part of you until your shining like a sun in empty space once again.

Keep this up do it over and over.
Becoming nothing and being reborn from everything, feel your aura and consciousness expand until you feel everywhere and once you feel this omnipresent sensation say.

“ Creator and Destroyer, that is I
God and Devil, that is I
Light and Darkness, that is I
May my eternal self
May my god self
May my true self
Rouse forth within me
Within my temple of flesh
To reign in the hidden chamber “.

Now relish in that power meditate on it and ground it within yourself once again.

Next I’d suggest normal mediation, grounding and focus upon yourself. Look deep within as they say know thy self.

You should now be in perfect order to be the magickal powerhouse you were born to be, without blockages of problems.




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