Head/Astral Projection

I’m still trying to astral project and have noticed alot of times my head feels really weird for hours after.

Is this because a different part of my brain is being used? It’s normally the front part of my head on the top, not near the third eye.

I can only describe it as maybe there is excess energy there and it feels really weird. Sometimes my eyes feel odd too.

The same thing happens when I practice telepathy.

I’ve only been able to project a handful of times and it didn’t last long enough to be meaningful. It’s easier to do from a lucid dream for me.

My dogs tend to wake me up if I project. Keep that in mind if you sleep with pets nearby.

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I do sleep with pets. My cats walk on me, my dog wiggles alot when she dreams so she is kicking me and my ferrets run around like maniacs in their cage at night.

This could be why astral projection is a challenge.

When you astral projected, was it conscious and you made it happen or it just happened.

It was a conscious effort within the lucid dreams, to where I’d awake and be able to leave my body. but, my dogs always wake me. If I yawn while laying they’ll sometimes check on me.

If you try to project in a lucid dream do it immediately instead of trying to play around a bit first.

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I don’t know how to have lucid dream. I did find out that I have been having them and had no idea that’s what they were.

Do you do anything specific to have one?

Have you tried adding some balancing and grounding techniques afterwards? It sounds like you’ve concentrated energy in your head, and its not balancing out quickly. This can also be due to blockages in your energy meridians.

Too much energy cultivation to the head without having your ground connections open can be dangerous, it’s worth going back to foundations and learning these before ding the more advanced 3rd eye cultivation stuff.

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I have tried grounding myself after, it doesn’t seem to be helping though.

When in doubt, go back to basics and work it through again to smooth out the bumps.

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I created a thoughtform when I was really trying to make always question “am I dreaming?” It was easier to start recognizing during nightmares because mine were usually pretty ridiculous back then.

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