He King Paimon imagined by an AI what do you think?

With this AI I wonder if I can open the images as I open a sigil and if so, forms and aspects of King Paimon that do not come from the human mind is uncharted territory?


But it DID come from the human mind.

First of all AI can’t do shit until a human inputs the question. Then, as all “AI” is is a machine learned database of the internet, which was 100 percent created by humans, all it’s done is cobble together images it’s found that humans already made.

The term “intelligence” is incredibly misleading. It’s just a program that dies wat it’s been designed to do. The fact that machine learning is part of how it was programmed seems to escape people in the rush to yet again put something that doesn’t deserve it on a pedestal.

What you do have here is a big chunk missing that you get in human-created work: spirit.
Machines have no spirit, and you cannot then access that soul in the image. It’s just an image.

If you like the image, why not: but the only think it has in common with the real Paimon is the keyword search term of the name… You will have to consecrate it and put energy into it like any other mass factory produced geegaw to make it magick.


Well, recently an AI created something called LOAB, I think it was, a woman who appears in all the images you create as if the AI ​​had become obsessed with that form it created

I really think it’s a mistake to anthropomorphise a computer and attribute human emotions and behaviours. “Obsession” is a chemical dependency based on dopamine response.

All human emotions are strongly influenced by hormones, which the machine does not have. It’s not logical then to attribute it’s behaviour to ether emotions, hormones or spirit. The computer is following a pattern that has a high weighting (provided by humans) for successful interactions. It’s not the same thing and the outcomes should not be treated as equally arrived at.

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