Having Trouble Finding How Invoke Bune

I was trying to look for it in the search but I don’t know if there’s one as extensive as Lucifer’s. If there is could somebody please share the link? Otherwise I just need the basics. You know. His sigil and such. It’s probably too late for him to help me but… You know. Never hurts to try.

You would evoke Bune in the same way you would evoke any spirit, and there is a ton of information available for the how to.

His sigil is available on the forum. If you can’t find it by searching for “Bune,” try similar terms like "Goetia, or “72.” That’s how i found it within a couple of minutes:


Good luck


I found a summoning chant that I have used. Not sure if it works but here is the website.

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Thanks guys, for the help! I’ll do this later today. Really appreciate it.

So. Gonna get a little perosnal here. But I was so desperate for money I was working on going back into being a dominatrix. (I used to do that for a friend) but I really didnt want to because I get really mean about it. So I was trying to take a more “i am a goddess and must be worshipped” route for it to avoid that. But I still felt guilty. But then (about an exact hour after practicing, out loud, the chant for Bune.) A guy popped up out of nowhere in my feed. And he specifically wants a dom who is sweet and caring (my natural self is) and who isnt a financial dom that just cares about getting cash. He wants to be able to care for someone. Well i was only doing this to pay off debt. I hate expensive materialistic things.

So i messaged him. Explained myself in honesty to him. He seems to be interested. So who knows. Maybe he’ll be nice enough to pay off my debt in exchange for being his dom. I mean you never know. He may actually be the guy I prayed for months ago to replace my abusive boyfriend. But if Bune’s helping me here then that’s really great and makes me feel like i may cry. So here’s hoping.

(And i hope nobody judges me for doing what i am. I take no joy in it. Aside from that I can help men and women express their true feelings and selfs.)

There is no kink shaming on BALG. A lot of us here are involved in BDSM and D/S relationships so no worries :slight_smile:

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:sweat_smile: thats good to know. I usually just hide that stuff.


Someone is working hard on something. I didnt get the chance to evoke bune with his sigil or anything. But out of nowhere my mother (who i thought disowned me) gave me $150.

And I suddenly have a growing cult-like population of submissive men making a religion out of me being their goddess (this is a literal and not a figuritive) :fearful: like an explosion. Like. Wow.

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