Having Bad Luck With Angels

I recently did a post mentioning that I have bad experiences with Angels and was shown that on my natal chart that it was more the angels I was working with than anything else, but recently I have still been having problems.

I have been reading Raziels 72 paths of power, done some pathworkings…and have had more and more bad luck. Not constructive bad events just stuff that is straight out bad or inconvenient. I have done pathworkings for Ariel, Poiel, and a couple others.

I have received bad luck and nothing beneficial. Although I will say I had bad luck and feelings when working with Lucifuge Rofical as well.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am respectful and never have these problems when working with the Goetia. I almost feel like I’m just straight up being messed with. Does anyone know what could be going on here?

I have done work with Leviathan before starting this and everything was going great, felt called to work with light and angels and boom, everything is kinda going to shit.

Do angels mess with people or test them with bad situations? I know they can try to break you down and build you up, but things like getting a hole in my tire when I’m already broke doesn’t seem like it’s constructive. Just bad. Is it best if I just leave angels alone entirely, as I feel they hardly ever work and each time it seems to end badly.


It’s possible that the bad luck is being brought to the fore as a way of clearing the path, so to speak, for your results. In my experience, spirits will sometimes accelerate negative situations or patterns, in order to resolve them sooner than would naturally occur (I speak not just of angels, but demons as well).

My advice would be to get a reading done on it to find out. It could be as simple as you just don’t jive with angelic energy.


Where would be a good resource to get a reading? I’m pretty strapped for cash at the moment, and on the scan thread people just see calm blue energy. When I am doing the path workings the angels seem friendly enough, and helpful but nothing comes from it.

It is very confusing to me on this path, because I’m not used to this sort of experience.

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There are free readings offered on the forum all the time. I believe @Miku still has an active thread for readings with his angel decks, and several others have recently offered a limited number of readings as well, so I would just keep an eye out for any reading threads that might pop up and ask for one.


Doing some tarot readings myself I am drawing a lot of cards having to do with perseverance and being tested. Have you had experiences with Angels testing you? It seems you have work with this book and path working in general and this is honestly my first foray into the particular medium.


No, as far as I am aware, I have never been tested by any angel or demon. I’ve used Raziel’s Paths of Power quite a bit, and my experience with it has been pretty uneventful.

If your situation is indeed a test, then it’s possible that it is particular to your own spiritual growth, but I would still get a reading from a neutral third party just so you have an unbiased assessment of the situation.


So you havent found much success with the book? Would you recommend The 72 Angels of Magick instead? I have both but didnt know if I should work through them both at the same time or do one then the other. Sorry to ask you so much, it just seems that you have the most experience on here and are pretty active.

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I didn’t say that, I simply said my experiences have been uneventful. I didn’t say they weren’t successful.

Both books deal with the same group of angels, so it really depends on what you want to accomplish. 72 Angels is more more ritualistic, and requires doing each ritual for 11 days, while pathworking is easier and quicker, but might not have the ooph you want. However, I don;t see any reason why you can’t use both at the same time. You could work with one angel through pathworking and another one through the process in 72 Angels, for example.

No worries. That’s why we’re here :slight_smile:


Are you clearing your working space before the pathworkings?
Some angels and some demons don’t get along well.
Because it seems you’re trying to mix and match.
Just my opinion … it may he you’re doing fine with the angels and the bad luck is the path clearing

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I haven’t specifically clear the space, and I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that at all. The two areas I use, one in my house and the other out in the woods near my house have been where I have down all of my work with demons and demonolatry.

I haven’t called on any Demons for around a week before starting but have found various stuff from my past rituals, including burning a demonic sigil with some of my blood on it. So maybe I am still too surrounded by the demonic energy? I will say the angels I have done a pathworking with seem very disapproving of calling any demons, I get feelings of heavy disapproval.

In your opinion would a sort of spiritual deep cleaning help? I did benefit from the last demon I summoned, Leviathan and didn’t want to be disrespectful, though thinking on it that seems to be more of just a hang up I am having. Could holding on and remembering Leviathan be causing me problems as well?

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What I mean by clearing is creating sacred space as well as Banishing.

Do a daily Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram earth Banishing … twice daily if possible.

For creating sacred space, there are abundant ideas on it on the web.

I have heard that that can be harmful, have you experienced any side effects? I have been told it can cause your life to fall apart. Is that due to the nature of working with demons? I am trying hard to limit myself to angelic pathworking, so that I can balance out the years or working with demons. So I feel a lot of what I know is kinda turned on its head. It seems a lot that helps working with one does not help for the other.

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Using the LBRP will not cause your life to fall apart. What it does is balance you Internally and cause certain beings to depart from your working area.
A rose cross ritual, shining cross or similar ritual should actually sanctify your space …
Hekas hekas Este babaloie is a phrase used to create sacred space. Alternate is drawing a equal armed cross on every wall, floor and ceiling and reciting psalms 91 and giving license to depart

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I have done as some people have suggested but I still can only seems to manifest anger and bad luck when working with angels, and I really can’t understand why.

My marriage literally starts to fall to pieces, I’m constantly angry and in a bad mood. Nothing seems to go right. I am just so confused.


There is some piece to the puzzle that we’re missing :thinking:

Ask for a free reading on the situation:


I just did thanks for the advice

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