I haven’t seen much on this topic here and wanted to bring it up since it’s an issue I’m dealing with. I believe I have ADD, which is preventing me from advancing in magic (and life). I was on pills 2 years ago and stopped taking them because they didn’t work anymore after a month. So now I decided to take a different approach. I’m hoping to get in touch with King Paimon for help. I’m already practicing meditation and doing research on evocation to be prepared for when I feel it’s the right time. I appreciate any useful information I can get on the subject.


ADD doesn’t stop you from shit, this is coming from someone who has ADD and has been on pills for one year.

I am progressing in magick without a problem, meditation is not a problem, evocation is not a problem. The only thing which is stopping you is yourself.


This is the reason why I was hesitant to reach out for help. Because I knew I’d get the rude and condescending response from someone who wants to cuss at me. You can piss off. I don’t want people like you in my thread.

Why is his reply “condescending”? There’s no condescending in saying that ADD isn’t limiting your ability as a black magician. Or maybe you want to feel limited by your diagnose, because you’re used to limiting yourself to the extent of making it “normal” in your daily life? Don’t fall into the trap of surfing the wave of victimhood, and start taking responsibility for your own well being instead.

You can use black magic, despite your diagnose, which was the basis of the reply anyway.


It’s condescending how he basically implied he was better than me because he’s on pills that work. Good for him. He can have this virtual cookie. :cookie: He outright disrespects me by cussing and talking down to me and I come out of this the bad guy for calling him out on his stank attitude. Also, how am I portraying myself as a victim when I specifically mentioned taking steps to improve myself? That’s actually taking responsibility.

Now, who is condescending here? There’s no implication of him being “better” than you. You’re reading something that isn’t there. I think you react negatively because it works for him, and you just don’t like it somehow. What kind of reply did you expect? That others should struggle with their diagnosis because you struggle with it? Why not learn from others that can deal with it as magicians and take it from there?


No, I reacted negatively because some douche thought it was okay to cuss at me, which I’ve now said a total of 3 times and you conveniently keep glossing over that tidbit. Ever since I joined this forum, I’ve gone out of my way to be respectful to everyone I’ve come across and I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the same in return. But do not mistake my kindness for weakness.

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@rainbowpolaris, nobody cussed at you. @DanielW666 used the word “shit,” yes but the context was in no way directed at you. Anyone can see that. Nor was his post in any way condescending. He didn’t talk down to you, and he in no way implied he was better than you. He simply told you that he has the same ailment as you do and that it has not prevented him from practicing magick, @succupedia was polite and cordial like he always is, and pointed that out and you immediately went into offense, calling @DanielW666 a “douche” and talking down to you. If you don’t like people swearing in your threads, then be polite and ask them not to, but don’t start insulting people for imagined slights. The members here are always willing to help, but not if you are going to take offence to people who aren’t down with the whole “victim” mentality. This is a forum of mostly black magicians after all.


Considering his comment was a response to me, then technically he did cuss at me. I’m not an idiot. And if you want to lecture me on being polite, then I assume you have a lecture for the individual who started this by cussing at me in the first place? Otherwise that might make you a hypocrite.

On that note, Lady_Eva you can lock this thread. I made the mistake of thinking I was among a friendly group of people. I have no interest in hearing from anyone else on the matter.

Okay, so you are on the right track with meditation. A lot of what we do involves a trance state, which CAN be more difficult for some people. ADD/ADHD does not help, but should not be considered an insurmountable obstacle. Keep practicing with your meditation and I would suggest some kind of grounding exercise to keep you “present and in the moment”, so to speak. I like to do a version of the Middle Pillar Ritual. King Paimon can be a good choice for guidance. Also, have you considered working with Raphael or another healing entity? Regarding how it effects your life, I can’t really offer suggestions for that. I am having a rough time of helping those with similar issues already (with questionable results) so I do not want to give you bad advice. Bravo on avoiding the meds, though. That garbage rewires your brain if you use it long enough. If you absolutely do not need it then do not take it. I actually came off of long term medication in the last year, which was ultimately holding me back and making me a low-grade addict. There are some issues to be dealt with, but overall I am better off. In France only a small portion of people diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are medicated; they treat the disorders with different approaches, and with seeming success. I might start looking at some of what they are doing if I were you. Best wishes.


I’m sorry if I appeared rude but I wasn’t trying to be rude in any sense.

I can still not deduct why I “cussed you out”. I used the word “shit” an expression. I NEVER said I was better than you in anything. I simply said pills and ADD are in no way blocking you from achieving greatness.


I have ADD and take pills as well. However while on the pills it hinders the meditation. When they ware off my meditation is no stronger or weaker then when I do not take them. There is nothing wrong with you and thinking that it is hindering your magick all in your head. trust me I do magick and meditate every night and take adderall Monday through Friday. Don’t let it block you. You are better then you think.


The problem with pills is that they should not be taken the day any magickal working is done.

Being on drugs or “medicated” while doing magickal work can have serious impacts on your mental health. I do not mean meditation but things such as evocation.

I take pills Monday to Friday each evening and I meditate during the day because effects of those pills ware off.


Thats what I do but the opposite. meds during the day and meditation/ magickal practices in the evenings.

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I avoid taking pills the day any magickal works are done. For example, I just cleaned my aura and then closed my chakras while on pills.

YOUR intent and DEVOTION are key!

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Got you. Yea I actually have 100% no issue at all performing evocations/ spells/ or simple meditation the evening after I take my meds. If it hinders you definitely dont take them the same day.

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Yeah! Then there is supposedly a health risk but I’m not sure if I should believe that.

What kind of health risks exactly are associated with the medication and mediation, do you know by any chance? Sounds interesting.

I haven’t been diagnosed with ADD however I do have attention span and emotional issues (possibly from Asburger syndrome). Incorporate it into your magic. Make the ritual paced rather quickly up to climax and use different types of tools in different ways to keep your mind occupied and focused. If you keep telling yourself “I can’t do magic because of my ADD,” you’re not going to do magic regardless of how the ADD actually contributes to it. Same with other diagnoses of a psychological nature.

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With respect, and not at all diminishing the diagnoses and protocols provided by your healthcare professional(s), but as a healthcare professional, I would urge you to evaluate your eating habits. As for amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, (e.g., Adderall), you don’t need a pharmacology desk reference to at least partially understand at first blush what these typically over-prescribed substances do to the body. (The withdrawal is unpleasant to witness, and obviously inflicts a great amount of discomfort upon the patient.)

However, sufficient evidence (long-standing research evaluated in peer-reviewed journals) time and again points to one’s diet (read eating habits) as being responsible for causing/ exacerbating or relieving/ diminishing one’s ‘symptoms’. Work with your healthcare professional to arrive at a sensible eating plan. (And exercise… at least a bit, 3-5 times a week.)

Go well on your journey, and Be Well!