Have you ever put someone in a jar.... And they found out

But there is no way possible for them to. Just trying to see if my dreams are giving me status reports lol.

I put someone in an obsession jar. Im the ONLY human on earth that knows this exists. Yet I had a dream of him last night and he was yelling “Let me out. Let me out” (meaning the jar). I won’t and I visualized him today and told him there is only one way out of it.

I pulled a tarot reading on him alone. Said just tell me whats going on with him

Root/Issue King of Pentacles w/Two of Wands and Four of Wands together as a clarifier. Wants something but being stubborn?

Current Problem Six of Pentacles w/ The Moon clarifier. He cant make up own mind and its driving him crazy. Pleading with self to make a choice?

Outcome by months end The Hierophant and Seven of Cups Clarifier Going to make a big choice that is in his best interests?

This is someone whom I told how I felt about him, went two and half months of no contact, wished him happy birthday in late May (almost a month ago) no thanks, dont wanna talk. Nothing said back. Yet he doesn’t block me. Like he wants to see the things I write and say to our mutual niece (my best friends daughter/his sisters) but not respond to me at all. Weird…


To me that sounds like the actions of someone who has realised there’s weirdness coming from you, and doesn’t trust you around the child. There things are sensed as attacks sometimes. He’s keeping an eye on you in case you harm her as you’re harming him.

I get where you are coming from. But his sister and I were childhood best friends and he knows without any doubt whatsoever that I would myself kill and defend her against anyone who ever thought or entertained the idea of harming our niece. With all due respect… no I would die defending her and i love her as my own. He knows that. He and I have known each other 35 years

She is not a child either but a full grown woman in her own right.

Could be his subconscious letting you know that he “knows” I believe he is quite powerful and/or protected if this jar spell isn’t working (or the intention power you put into it wasn’t enough)… also don’t think he wants to be with you just because of the no blocking thing…Could be an ego thing for him, I have been through a similar thing like this… maybe not what you want to hear…But one last thing, in a situation like this it is always said that one should always focus on themselves and “let go” or “release” the spell, you should be focusing on bettering, loving yourself…I know how it is to be obsessed trust me… it will take time/will/effort and the pangs of hurt will resurf like a spiral but each time hurt a little less… the best thing for you right now is to let go and focus in yourself and your shadow in my opinion…
Who knows, maybe that is exactly what it takes for him to come to you.
Love Theó

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He has seen my pentagram but I don’t think he actually associates me as a “Witch”. Just Gothic perhaps. I dont know what to think really as we talked earlier this year and while things were said and somewhat admitted (and we saw each other in December) I keep an open mind.

But here is the thing. In all these decades ive known him I never really dreamt of him. Like maybe a couple times a year and nothing really happened in the dreams he was always just “there” lately in the past month ive been having them like a few times a week. Im not trying to sound like im making excuses for him or me. But that has changed on my end. And its not normal for me. A few night earlier I dreamt of a feather inside a jar. He wasnt around or seen in my dream.

He is very strong willed. Very much so. Im not really obsessed and honestly, being brutally honest… I really don’t like him too much right now. But how can I let go and forget about this if I keep dreaming all this. My spell is written so his desire to talk to me is twice as mine to him. The obsession is just in wanting to talk to me. Not love. I dont want that from him (I mean forced from a love spell if that makes sense). Just an overwhelming desire to talk to me. That’s all. Do I need to change my thought process now or what lol Pretty confusing.