Have you ever evoked or invoked Lucifer?

Have you ever evoked or invoked Lucifer? And what were your experiences like? Would you say Lucifer has had a positive effect in your life or negative?

What would you like to change if anything about your relationship with Lucifer? What are you willing to do to see those changes manifest?


Well from my experience with him out in the matrix, he likes muscle cars and motorcycles.


Yes, I’ve been working with him for three years. So about the length of time since I’ve started.

Very amazing. He has actually saved my life several times from dying or even keeping my roof over my head. He has opened my eyes to so much. I swear by the guy. He’s my mentor spirit. Most of what I know comes from him. He can do a lot for the magician.

Positive. He has done a lot for me. Both major and minor. Honestly if you have Lucifer, you don’t need anyone else.

Nothing honestly. I love the guy. He loves me. If anything, i could do more on my end. He always delivers.


I can see that :slight_smile:

Exactly my thoughts

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He loves this song.


Lucifer was the first spirit I had any contact with. He came through strong when I finally did an evocation. Not in a physical manifestation but more in my mind. Like having a vision or dream. He was very strong and direct. He helped me with a couple things and told me I should work with Azazel. I still contact Lucifer when I feel his call. Can’t really explain it. Can just feel when he wants me to talk to him. I believe I will work with him again in the future.


Lucifer was one of the first spirits I worked with. He’s a really good teacher and very helpful indeed.



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Sorry, love, I don’t have much to add to your thread.

I have only called upon Lucifer once, and only because a scan revealed his was hanging around me for a specific reason. It was short and sweet, one and done.


Lucifer and King Paimon are the only entities i have had the pleasure of working with. Lucifer has showed me many things and has guided me. In my opinion, he sort of feels like a cool older brother to me! Cheers


Yes. His influence was and remains extremely positive.


Someone please help regarding how to post questions on this forum. I am new. Thanks in advance

I never have and never will. For this reason: I wish to go to Heaven. Working with Lucifer ensures damnation. So yea. I will only ever work with demons who aren’t 100% loyal to him. Azazel for example hates Lucifer’s pride. Many of the demons I’ve worked with are eternally mad at him for damning them for eternity. Another demon I will never work with is Paimon, cause he is extremely loyal to Lucifer. My Guardian demon, Rensum, hates Lucifer. So yea. Never have never will.

What gives you the impression that what you’re claiming is true? Do you have some sort of proof or something? Or is it just an opinion?


My perhaps first attempt featured a conjuration ending with “Show up, I want it”. At the time I was a preteen and made a little pause before saying this phrase, seriously believing that Lucifer would’ve appeared… In the last 6 months I channeled him 2 times; he said that mankind has been blind for too long but soon a revelation will come, that I must act as a lord, make my inner light shine and bring it out etc.


I was an Atheist for a little while and God brought me back to him. God showed me what was right and wrong for me. He also told me that magick is not evil but Lucifer is and that working with him would eternally damn me, because Lucifer is God’s enemy. I don’t judge those who do work with him, but I would advise against it

Is this a commonly held perception?

Are you sure you are working with Azazel? I always get undying loyalty from Azazel to Lucifer. Any demon would be against God. The for whatever reason choose to turn/ fall from God’s grace and follow Lucifer to hell. Working with any, pacts with any would be demonic pacts and not what God would approve of.

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If this is something you are being pulled to then do it. I believe everything happens for a reason if you need him or he you there is a reason. I honestly never saw anything about any of the “demons” that seemed really bad as long as they are honored or respected. I have always seen they are as helpful as angels. So, do what you heart, mind and soul tells you knowing it will be the best choice for you in your life :heart_decoration: