Have you ever evoked or invoked Lucifer?

Well some of the people I know who work with Lucifer want damnation. I don’t want eternal punishment

Well, Azazel has told me that he thinks that Lucifer is to prideful. That’s all he said about it. And it is belief in Jesus that ensures salvation not works, so practicing demonic magick won’t make me go to hell. However as God’s main enemy, Lucifer wants you to go to hell. I don’t, so I don’t want any connection with Lucifer

The feelings mutual


But do many other people here believe that this is an unavoidable consequence of that choice ?

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Daaaammnnn :heart:


@Jayb No, hell and heaven don’t exist. Only the above and below dimensions do. When one dies, he goes to an above dimension. Whether that experience is like heaven or hell, depends on his mind and thoughts (in other words, the pleasure his soul is seeking). Then, he may choose to return here or not, or perhaps do something else (there are many theories for that).


Yeah I can agree with that. I think intent is more relevant than action. I don’t believe good or evil are ever absolutes.
Just wondered if Altair’s statement was generally accepted or not.

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Lucifer is evil and hates humans and loves being dominant and controlling, In conclusion he wants to acquire and own.

Sounds like a pretty accurate description of the Christian god to me.


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Okey, But it’s just a question

How can I deal with it

@beginner1 Dude slow down. You are spamming threads constantly and contradicting yourself. You say lucifer is evil but want to call him? See the search function in the upper right? Use it!
Calm down or ill just asume you are trolling.


Why would god create an enemy for himself? That’s the dumbest thing anyone would ever do.I believe that Lucifer is a Lightbeing he contacted me and he is very Loving and caring. His Love is beyond mesures.


Lucifer is the most LOVING being that entered my life. I don’t believe any of what you say. It’s all religious indoctrination.


Why would lucifer, the brightest of all gods angels try to overthrow an omnipotent being ? That’s even dumber.
Why would the same omnipotent being then have to appoint angels to fight a war?
The whole story is ridiculous.


Yea the bible is full of bullshit stories for children and some for adults lol .


Yep, it’s a product of its time.
Problem now is that time was 2 millennia ago and we’ve all moved on. Well, some of us have. :wink:


More to the point, why would an omnipotent being, that has existed for an infinite period of time, suddenly decide to use his infinite power to create a series of imperfect beings. Imperfect beings that, when they sin, he tortures for all eternity.
Sure the Bible was written before modern science, but surely someone could have spotted the flaws in the story


That I know of yes.