Have you ever been under a curse?

Please tell us about your experience. I’ll go first. I went to Peru a few years ago to do ayahuasca, terrifying experience by the way. And I had a misunderstanding with the shamans and the keepers of the retreat in the Amazon’s. Anyway when I got home one night I was drunk and I sent a threatening email to the manager, his reply was that he was going to punish me. I laughed it off. Then suddenly, a few days later I felt it. It felt just like what a curse would feel like, the only way to describe it was like being trapped under a bell, with ringing in the ears. I thought I was going to die. Immediately my reaction was to send a sincere from the bottom of my heart email apology to the manager and instantly the bell was lifted and it became a more manegable psicosis/psycho drama where I would allucinate, hear voices and die everyday for what seemed like 5/6months when I ended up in a psych ward for a few months.

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Manager sounds unfathomably petty to curse someone to such an extent over a damn email.

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Deffinetly petty. Anyway anyone else want to share their experience? I guess curses are really rare these days.

Does anyone know what kinds of Spirits are the ones that saved me from certain death?

tbh I dunno for sure, I’ve had some odd experiences though one of which was earlier this year, although it could have just been anxiety or something but for a while I thought I was dead and living in a dream world, or an illusion which was preventing me from seeing what I was actually doing. Probably just a case of letting my fears get ahold of me while wayyyy too high, but I had been a bit boisterous magically speaking around the same time, although I wont mention which groups I was attacking as its more of a personal matter, nobody from balg tho.

A friend of mine though had an odd experience though too, for about a week he was feeling as though something dark and malevolent was following him, intending harm to himself and his family. It was driving him pretty crazy, so I projected over there and set up some defenses to protect against anything, there was some sort of dark spirit, not sure what kind but I killed it.

Also, one other experience of mine when i was much younger, not a curse necessarily but maybe it was. I had a series of dreams for quite a long time, in them an axe murderer would chase me and kill me over and over again as well as my family, until eventually I learned to use pyrokinesis in the dreaming and finally burned him to death over and over again until it stopped.

Self imposed curse, yes. It’s one thing to hear “You are in your own way.” It’s quite another to experience that and finally get it. The worst curse I’ve received is thinking very little about myself, denying my power, and glorification of my limitations, making excuses. That is what 5 years of magic have shown me.

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