How do you get initiated into necromancy?

Any necromancers out there? what kind of powers do you achieve by working with the dead, and is it worth it? Thank you

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You don’t, really. You get initiated in an order or coven. For a current, “initiation” is a fancy way of saying “learn the basics”.

We have an entire category for necromancy and I have popped this post in there. :slight_smile:

This forum has nine years of information you can take advantage of, and do some browsing and research the subject.

Since you say you’re “a shaman”, you should already know how to talk to the dead, as that’s an aspect of shamanism and a big part of what a shaman does, no?

If what you meant was, you have learned a couple of shanistic techniques, and none of them included working with the soirits of the newly dead, ancestors, or soul fragments, then necromancy might be easier.

Necromancy is nothing more than talking to the dead and getting them to help you. Western necromancy like it’s props and ceremonial magick influences, but those are really optional, as any medium can tell you.

I like the work of sorceress Cagliastro, myself. Her work features blood magick heavily though just so you know.


Wait., didn’t you already claim to be “initiated” into necromancy? :thinking:


Thanks. I read Dante abiels book, didn’t have the guts to perform the rituals, Ive also seen his vids and interviews like more than 10 times for some reason, if that means anything. One day roaming the cemetery I came across a, how to describe this, a whirlwind or tornado of dragonflies, I don’t know if this was a natural occurrence or supernatural, didn’t give it much thought at the time, and I stood in the center of this hurricane of more than 50 insects, smoked a few cigarettes and walked off, days later beggining to have a mild psychosis, wich months later developed into a crazy mad state where I would hear voices and hallucinate for what seemed like at least 8 months. Anyway, did I get initiated subconsciously into necromancy by the spirits or…?

As @Mulberry said, you don’t get initiated into necromancy. Necromancy is just something you do.

And as @DarkestKnight said, you claimed that you were already initiated.

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Was this a different experience from the time your boss cursed you in this post:

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This is called being an “armchair wizard”, and no it doesn’t really mean anything I’m afraid.

You need to get some real experience under your belt.

I don’t recommend Abiel’s book though. There’s a reason he fled back to xtainity after he fucked him self up with his own methods. He didn’t understand the dead, that he was, imo, being tricked by parasites, that ate him alive,pretended to be his own father and he couldn’t tell the difference, and nearly killed him.

When your’e an adept, then revisit the book and you can see the issues and fix the rituals to work for yourself. But learn how to work with the dead first. Hint: be chill but protect your boundaries and guard against impostors and parasites (well, do that anyway, but yeah). :slight_smile:


Yes it was a different time, and what do you mean by my Boss?

If the word boss offended you, then that wasn’t my intention. I guess that word is offensive now.

You said your manager cursed you…To me and everyone I’ve ever worked with our manager was our boss. Boss was just another word for manager.

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I meant he was the manager at the place I did ayahuasca, and it wasn’t him who cursed me he doesn’t know any real Magick but the shamans do, they’re the ones that cursed me.

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Ahh, I understand now. I thought it was your manager at your job. My apologies for the misunderstanding.

I agree with this. It’s golden.

You didn’t misunderstand, he literally told us in the other post that the manager cursed him.

He was going to punish me”.
Then when another user said the manager was petty, he didn’t clarify it wasn’t the manager, he just agreed. :thinking:

We love stories OP but you might want to keep them consistent if you expect us to trust that they’re real. :slight_smile: :woman_shrugging:


I meant the manager was involved in the unraveling of the creation of a curse to haunt me.


Well, it’s a great lesson right? Try not to piss off black magicians :smiley:


This was some years ago when I didn’t even believe in the potency of curses.

So, this episode…

“days later beggining to have a mild psychosis, wich months later developed into a crazy mad state where I would hear voices and hallucinate for what seemed like at least 8 months

and this episode…

“it became a more manegable psicosis/psycho drama where I would allucinate, hear voices and die everyday for what seemed like 5/6months when I ended up in a psych ward for a few months.”

… are two completely different situations and even separated by years?

And you want to do not just magick again, but necromancy?
And you want to do magick for other people?

You don’t see anything at all concerning about this history of mental instability with magick?


I do, but I’m obsessed in ascension, and believe me I’ve quit Magick for like 6 months to properly digest it, I don’t want to stir the pot too much cause a psychosis/possession by negative entities is bound to happen, but I’m still willing to perform rituals to manifest money, curse my enemies, etc.

I agree that’s my fear for you as well. If it’s “bound” to happen, don’t do it. There’s no reason to put yourself through this and the risk is unreasonable.
Ascension is the ultimate goal, and there are many ways to achieve it without getting into hot water when you have a delicate psychic state.

I recommend almost anything else for you other than western occultism, and practicing anything under guidance of a trusted professional therapist. You might try Lightwork, meditation or tai chi/yoga to keep the vibrations as high as possible while you get to know yourself a lot better. Which is what ascension is all about.

For simple money spells, a simple green candle with positive intention and affirmations should be reasonably easy going. I would suggest you don’t go cursing anyone, in your state that could backfire badly.

Best advice for now: Put much more attention into the newbie basics that often are neglected in the modern books: your protections, cleansing and grounding.
Learn those back to front and sideways, using multiple techniques, ward your house, ward your bed, learn shielding and reflections, take salt baths, clear all parasites, and get well and fully back in control before trying black magick again.


You need the best so you need the s. Connolly books on necromancy. That woman is a genious and her system works. You can also improve your enochian through the books so you can gain a lot of knowledge.

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