Have Been Seeing Crows/Ravens

Hey, guys!

      So, Thursday  I saw 2 crows/ravens near my house. 1 had landed on the light post across the street and the other landed on the side walk right next to my house. I was in my Vehicle when this happened in the morning. And then eventually the 1 across the street on the light post flew away and the other 1 on the ground disappeared... it was strange I asked a friend and she said it was good luck...

But then Friday late afternoon I had a gut feeling and then saw a crow again while in my vehicle again in front of my house it was 1 this time. But was just flying didn’t land at all. I had a strange gut feeling.
Has anyone ever seen Crows/Ravens 2 days in a row??? What does this all mean? I can’t figure it out and I’ve been trying to look up to understand and am not able to decode this… would appreciate it if someone could shed some knowledge or insight or any experiences… thanks


Has anyone ever seen Crows/Ravens 2 days in a row???

I don’t know, where do you live, but in my country ravens are very rare birds, while you can see lot of crows all the time, even in our cities.

Has anyone ever seen Crows 2 days in a row
I see them every day.

Has anyone ever seen Ravens 2 days in a row
Personally, I’m not. But these birds are choose a partner for themselves for a lifetime long, so if they found something near around your house, possibly they’re decided to stay for a little time.


I’ve got a pretty weird experience with one some years ago. I was sitting under a big tree when a big Raven started talking to me from the top of the tree. I talked with him for some secs, and I wanted to thank him his presence, but he is suddenly flew away.

I was a bit dissappointed because of this, but a few minutes later a big ass (headless) fish landed before my feet! This Raven brought a fish to me from nowhere (there was no lake, river or fish shop in my near).

What I know that for Lucifer the Ravens are sacred animals.


It could be a coincidence, a sign of good luck or a call from a spirit or deity. If it’s a spirit then there many spirits associated with Ravens. Hecate for example. In this case it’s better to recognize it and wait for more signs and messages because if it’s a spirit, you will receive more.


Other animals that cross your path often these days?

Could be the Morrigan or Odin trying to get your attention. Both have connections to Ravens


Heak Yea!!!, but this morning I saw more than 3-5 or 6

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I cant speak for crows but amun and ishtar use hawks to show me their presence.

Camio uses crows. I used to call to him for knowledge when i was starting out

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Which most often next to crows and ravens?

Ravens are awesome and attracted to strong spiritual energy especially when you’re on some kind of journey. I’d say you’re on the right path whatever that is. My mind keeps seeing american-indian culture so start there.

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I want a crow as a pet :bird:


Ravens or crows are common birds of pray and it is not that unusal to see them in many residential areas.

There have been many threads posted on this subject, check out this link:

Have been working with Hecate all weekend, walk outside i could hear a horde of ravens cawing which is unusual. I never see nor hear them near my house.

Not unusual to see them at work though. Latley they are coming closer and less afraid.

Take notice who your working with and what your doing. For me i was working on cleansing.

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Well, I guess it was bad luck for crows or raven

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I’ve heard they have to do with death part of the time but they truly are amazing birds. Always fun to watch and pet if you’re lucky. If I ever ended up with another bird it definitely would have been a crow or raven. But typically if they know that they have a source of food near by they will hang out, don’t be worried because they aren’t bad even if they flock to dead to feast.

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