Have any of the gods told you they've ever felt offended by a media representation?

Like Eris from Billy and Mandy or Hades from the Hercules Movie?

No. In fact, every time someone asks about this, the spirits always say that it gets their name into the popular consciousness so they don’t really care. It’s always the humans that get offended, not the spirits.

A case in point is the movie Hereditary. When the movie came out, there were multiple posts on this forum from people asking if King Paimon was offended by his portrayal, and someone said that they asked Paimon about it, and he flat out stated that he didn’t care because it got his name out ( I wonder just how many people were drawn to King Paimon and Googled him after watching that movie).

Magick is not religion, and it is only the religious that get ever offended by media portrayals of what they worship. Do you really think God cared about how the Catholic Church was portrayed in The Da Vinci Code? No, it was the human worshippers that got offended and called for a boycott.

Since you can use a figurine of Hades from the movie as a vessel for the god, I’d say no (I remember reading a Chaos Magick article back in the day where the author described doing exactly that). Pop culture provides a lot of unique forms for working with the same classic energies, and those forms tend to be easier for modern practitioners to relate to.


Offence must be taken, it can’t be given. Being intended is a state of mind for the insecure and unevolved, the gods are a bit more mature than that, generally speaking.

Getting offended also implies that the offender has power over you, it triggers defensiveness and hence the fee fees… how are gifs supposed to feel like an uneducated human who’s never spoken to them has any kind of power over them?

As DarkestKnight said, getting offended is a weakness enjoyed by humans, not gods.