Has the Mighty Thor left the building?

Thor is not a defender anymore he left our plane of existence eons ago, now Odin is in charge.

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That’s your UPG as far as I’m concerned.

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Yeah I’ve had no issue working with Thor, he’s around from my perspective.

As a tip, for communicating online although it’s obvious it’s your opinion because you wrote it, if you make that clear with a cold of words like imo, or ime (in my opinion or in my experience), it helps people listed to what you actually think rather than getting a knee jerk denial because you made it sound like a fact, and there aren’t really too many facts like that in magick. Or, be prepared to back up why you think what you do from historical lore or documentation.

E.g. for me, I spent a good amount of time killing every Archon in my personal reality: they continue to exist just fine in everyone else’s. There are other things I don’t include in my worldview, that’s fine as long as I don’t try to impose my worldview on others who feel differently. It’s a good way to upset them for no benefit.

In this case, Thor has a big part to play in the coming Ragnarok, he’d better not be AWOL. :smiley:


I did a reply. where is it? did you deleted it?

I did not, no. The previous thread says you deleted a reply? :thinking:

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This comment; I posted it and explains my view point n Thor. tx.

Oh about Thor being a guardian, I have read somewhere that it was his situation. The lore mentioned he went away, because he felt he wasn’t up to the job to protect the realm. As for if he is on earth, I don’t remember saying he was or wasn’t here. On that, I don’t know. I know we are now into a prelude to ragnarok. Sort of like the apocalypse, since 2020 and the fake plandemia that the elite wants another war to enslave humanity etc. But I know we are soon entering a new era, after some turbulent years into ragnarok. I know this from numerous astral experiences also with a man from Africa That does voodoo/woodoo and other practices. he mentionned that soon Helios god of the sun will be judged because he did a poor job for the solar system. So much to tell about this.

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He’s basically the personification of Thunder, so you can reach him in any Thunderstorm. :woman_shrugging:

But I know we are soon entering a new era, after some turbulent years into ragnarok.

Yes, I also agree Ragnarok is a recurring cycle, which is not put that way in all the sources, and the gods and Giants all die and new ones take their places. I think there’s multiple kinds as well. Earth has two main disaster cycles, not one.
However what is an Aeon? Is it one cycle? Because if Thor left in one of the Aeons past there’s no reason he couldn’t come back with every new cycle.

But all the lore that changed stuff later doesn’t always make it true for everyone,and sources tend to be very limited, contradict, and are not written by the Norse, so there’s a lot of wiggle room on some of the specifics I suspect.

This kind of UPG doesn’t really make sense to me… who is the judger, who thinks they want to judge the sun that they made? What is the underlying worldview and what’s his beef with the sun, which seems to be doing the job it was designed to do?

I don’t think ascended beings judge like this: it’s human, dualistic thinking, and too ego driven and speculative, with no real background to provide reasons, to take seriously. I would ask what the descriptive impressions were underlying this interpretation.


About John from Africa, I was only referring to the person who help me gather some evidence about the souls of the giants, the nephilims and the gods like Odin, Thor, freya etc. and the other spirits who lives in the sun and our planets. Thanks for your input.

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According to the lore He won’t leave the world till the end, since He should fight the Midgard Serpent in the Ragnarok.

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This thread is amusing :joy:

Thor is most certainly not gone, he’s specifically focused on fighting the Nephilim from my works with him, this is what he’s told me

You know… because he’s a giant hunter

I’ve worked with Thor for a long time, he’s a linage deity of mine, he ain’t going anywhere

I’m actually pretty sure Thor was the one that killed those 3 people at the White House this summer through lighting-though I am not certain this is just the download I got

I’ve been working with Thor for years for planetary cleansing through lightning, not sure if it matters but I can confirm that Thor is still very much around and he’s doing great work for the collective and the future of earth

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The lore was accurate but over time, updates come
and some updates humanity didnt get,it does happen
A lot of things happen in a 1000 year period if not more
but a couple of years ago, I felt Thor presence for sure.
sometimes it is not his spirit, but a part of him that travel between worlds