Has Lucifer appeared to anyone else in this way?

I’ve seen him as many different people including a very sexy version of the Jared Leto joker character. He enjoys keeping me guessing.


I’ve never had him appear to me personally like that but others have. So you’re definitely in contact with him. Also check out the Rites of Lucifer. In the grimoire you will find a whole ritual for Lucifer’s “Jester” Harlequin-like mask. Now as for my experience he’s come as a blazing illuminated god of light and fire, a fat little cherubim, a tall black cloaked-hooded individual with his face covered in shadows (which Belial has appeared similar but with a skull-like face). When I was in my 20’s he appeared to me as a black dog. But I just recently just realized that it was Lucifer in the background all along.


Thanks. This was 2 years ago he appeared to me like this and I evoke him weekly now. It is the only time he showed himself as the Harlequinn.

I don’t see him anymore with the exception of gold light. I feel him, hear him sometimes and he always answers my requests without fail so I can’t complain… :heart: love him


Maybe this can help you spike some of the gnosis which you’re recieving currently:



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he always appears to me with long blonde hair, white skin. He looks super similar to satan from devilman for some reason

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Yes, a tall blonde, beautiful man with a chiselled face like those Roman and Greek sculptures you see in museums.

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