Has Lucifer appeared to anyone else in this way?

I see Lucifer the same way and wondered if anyone else had seen him as this? He looks like the old fashioned Jester Harlequin. He always chooses blue with me also. Very beautiful, but I never hear of this presentation usually, it is mostly a Blonde man or hooded figure.


YES - Harlequin is exactly how he appeared to me, and at the time, like you, I had never heard of that manifest appearance before.


I’ve seen him just once.
Brilliant light covered his face and He dressed in black - neck sweater, black suit and a big inverted pentagram necklace on his chest.


Wow! tall, slender, blue, I have only seen him twice and heard him a few times in short direct sentences but I always wondered why Harlequin?


I have not worked with Lucifer extensively. One night she (yes she) caused a false awakening and appeared to me as a woman.


Cool! I have never heard that before. I suppose he can look however he wants to


To hop out of my usual framework, if Lucifer is (also) the arising isolate consciousness within the operator, the chequered/motley pattern is a metaphor for this - true isolate consciouness cannot be attained through commitment to “light” or “dark” alone, they must be worked into a fabric. Stuff about trickster/chaos etc., as well. :thinking:


He looked stunning. I like that explanation too, thanks


I see Gold, bright lights sometimes, but at random times. I guess that is also his energy :slight_smile:


So, you don’t think that Lucifer is ‘a person’…

I have an open mind on that, some people think all spirits are aspects of the personal or mass subconscious/super-consciousness, others think they are “people” out there just like you or me (hard polythiesm).

I usually go with the latter, but sometimes the former approach works, and for some reason I’m more drawn to that here, but this specific being/concept isn’t a thing that I work with a lot, so I don’t claim any special knowledge.


I always thought he had Black hair and Red eyes but whenever I visualize him, I see him as a muscular possibly Northern European man with Blue eyes and Blonde hair, usually shirtless and with White wings.

The form you describe I’ve heard about on a video before.


I think “both” is correct theoretically, but for practical purposes I consider spirits to be separate beings. Servitors make a good example for this concept in my opinion - they are birthed from one’s own soul, but they operate as separate, autonomous beings, and their Will is completely in-line with their creator, though they may have a different personality and perhaps even some different desires.


I mean, he has appeared to me in many forms. I guess your mind has to do with it too.


If you were to have asked me what I thought Lucifer looked like before, I would have also said Blonde hair, long with blue eyes and beautiful. I was surprised to see him as the Harlequin. I would love Lucifer in any form though :heart:


I haven’t seen that form yet but it seems interesting.

Do you know that he can appear as a Dragon too?

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I have heard this! so interesting. I would like to see him more often in any form though. I would love to see that

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How awsome would a Serpent form be? Lady Lilith appeard as one in my mind once. They say it’s a form of King Satan too.

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First appearance incense, serpent form.

Second appearance like this, but then with long hair.


Third appearance the Venus part, only saw his or her Sigil of protection but felt very feminine.

Fifth appearance

Dark character, wouldn’t say typical devil but it was his darker aspect. I know the difference in energy.

6th appearance

The last appearance i find very cool. It was after the ritual of @C.Kendall

I only saw this face………


I know exactly what you mean by darker aspect. I can feel the shift in energy sometimes quite dramatically. He always has the same voice and tone… sometimes very dry and sarcastic. Dark humoured, straight to the point.

The shift in energy is powerful. I can Evoke him to just offer him roses and offerings and to be with him and he is soft and mellow and eases me to sleep.

If I use him for dark magic or if I have been upset by someone in a very bad way, his darker aspect can be overbearing for a human at first, protective and strong

My Harlequin Lucifer looked like the 2nd one of yours,a little like David Bowie