Has Azazel ever taken an Angelic form before?


He looked more like this to me!


He is one of the leaders of the grigory/watchers.
There are 12 others.


I was thinking of working more with him and finding out more about him.


I’ve actually seen quite a few magickians making such claims (- note that I did not say that I myself am claiming that, I was only pointing out other people’s gnosis and speculations). However, in time I found out that is not so. But thanks for reminding me of this comment of mine, as I can now delete it so that others may not follow such claim.


Most of the time for me.

He also appears as a sort of Gandalf-like elder wizard type. When he was still trying to flirt with me he looked like a rockstar. I prefer formless myself - an entity of golden-black fractal light pattern with a more cerebral/emotional connection - very beautiful I think. Rarely does he do the big black goaty thing, and it’s usually a joke.