Has anyone used shirts for sigils?

I felt a calling towards two Olympians: Athena and Hermes. The problem is that there are no sigils for pagan deities. I decided to check Amazon for some statues or something to put on an altar and found this shirt for Athena. I instantly felt drawn to it, but I wondered if one could use the shirt design as a kind of sigil. Could you hang it over an altar, or maybe drape an altar with it in addition to a small statue or figurine? Or would it just be a neat thing to wear?

Maybe sigils for Olympians, Norse, etc. are best left to the practitioner to design, though. I don’t know. I know the Goetia demons often have their sigils placed on shirts, which is where I got the idea.

I think the shirt would be great as an altar drape or ritual clothing. It looks a little complex to be easily drawn on paper for anointing/burning.

I don’t really see having no sigil as a problem myself though? …not least because for the Olympians and the well known deities it’s very easy to mind statuary to represent them if needed. But if one’s wanted then I agree, we can always go ahead and make one for personal use…

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