Has anyone seen a large spider like demon?

I called King Paimon yesterday and did not do banishing. Today I have seen a white looking demon with glowing eyes and also a very large black spider which has a head of a man. Doing some things trying to scare me. I did the cleaning now I’m just wondering what was that?? After I did the banishing I saw I like a man with long reddish hair in a lower ponytail and white robe. Fighting it


This is a picture but very blurry. On the right it appears be a woman with floor length red hair. I was reading a post with a lot of demon names I wonder if that did it.


Strange, is that wings?

I see the one person, looks like wings.

edit: now I’m seeing two beings, almost on top of each other… wild.


No it was like a massive spider webbing it’s string around. It’s very hard to tell from photo I took a video but for some reason it throws my phone off and makes very blurry

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I have had similar visions of a black spider with a head of a bearded man i was able to identify the deity as Bael or Baal. Later i had a series of visions of a black and red spider (also as a red cloaked man) in conflict both had human heads. Several visions and even physical manifestations of a black cat on the prowl as well. I believe the figure in red or red spider was Berith.




@sabella many times those that are called aren’t the Deitys coming through the veil but those spirits that wish to harm.


I recall that I was meditating on King Paimon’s enn and a Spider appeared on my bed. Weird.


Either Bael or Ai Apaec

Satagraal from Kingdom of Flame appears to me as a spider with the head of a man.
I see him wearing a top hat and spats on all eight feet, he has a torso as well though. And big glowing yellow eyes.
He teaches seership and opens astral senses. He’s worked with me with the gatekeepers particularly Azazel and the four Archangels.


So, did you ever do a cleansing afterwards?

Perhaps asking King Paimon what happened?

Maybe he sent a djinn to you as a friendly reminder to always close your sigils and clear your space.

Bael is real love and beautiful.

Yes I did after. It was pretty disturbing what I saw. I’m pregnant and the baby has clubfoot. I saw the being dangling a baby with clubfoot wrapping it up and taking it away. I had to do the banishing 3 times as this thing just went just moved a little further away but did not disappear fully. I almost questioned if I wanted to countine working with demons. Maybe a test? It was unsettling to say the least

That sounds like the guy on the left side of the picture. Top hat and glowing eyes. I have been asking to open my astral sense and meditating a lot. I have seen him before. Usually putting webs around my house. Maybe he did the thing with the baby to get my attention or see if I could see him. My ears have been popping a lot for no reason. I get the sense something is trying to send a message. That’s interesting about the black cat I just had a dream the other night of a black cat trying to bite me.

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One time I was dreaming of a spider, woke up and its shadow followed me into the waking world. I have seen that spider shadow from other dimensions a few times.

The images look like stained glass how did you take those images, what are they from?

“My ears have been popping a lot for no reason. I get the sense something is trying to send a message. That’s interesting about the black cat I just had a dream the other night of a black cat trying to bite me.”

All these signs sound like Baal. Although you might have summoned King Paimon it appears that another deity or parasite might have come through. I would focus on your banishing and shielding rituals.

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My backyard, for some reason when there is something of another frequency it makes my phone become very blurry. It takes a perfect picture on anything else. I’m a little nervous as I don’t live alone. Everyone else in my house does NOT believe in this stuff and thinks I’m nuts lol. If they only knew! They freak out when I sage the place saying it smells terrible :tired_face:. I put wards around them but still am nervous. There are beings around my house 24/7 with out me contacting and even after banishing. Just now there was a white woman with blonde hair a little past her shoulders. She was wearing a black dress with bell sleeves. I thought maybe hekate but I’m not sure. I know I have blocked my hearing senses so I’m trying hard to open them. Also I have friends who are From hati grew up there now live here that practice in my backyard. There is a lot of activity going on. I’m hesitant to hear/see everything and can see why I have put blocks up. Thanks for the reply!

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@Sabella When calling a daemon, I normally perform the LBROTP before a calling to make sure I get the spirit I want and that tricksters/hitchhikers/malicious entities don’t hitch a ride and fuck with me and what I’m doing. I don’t use an banishments afterwards, I trust those I reach to/call on to scoot any unwanted beings, should they make it past the LBROTP and still hitch a ride with Prince Lucifer, King Paimon, and Marquise Orias.

It may be Arachnae. Just a thought