Has anyone here worked with angel Elubatel? Why does he cause depression?

Hello, I’m almost through with the 2nd ritual from Damon Brand’s Wealth Magick, where you call on angels Elubatel, Abuhuel and Atuesual. Damon mentions that Elubatel may cause depression and fatigue. I started to figure out something was off about 10 days in. I was constantly tired and could not do much other magick. Also I felt a darkness over me, and I’m constantly wondering what would really make me happy in life, and what’s the point in anything. Damon says by using the other angels with Elbuatel negative affects should be avoided, but I’ve still felt the depression. I also feel withdrawn from people, and don’t feel like going out or socializing. I know that during this specific ritual you’re entering a pact with these angels to give you a life of wealth, and that they can bend time, reshape thought, and shift reality around you. Maybe they are just doing such powerful internal and external shifts that it’s causing me pain? Similar to “growing pain”. I’m not happy, I’m feeling so down, but I am glad that it’s a sign the ritual is working. Unfortunately, I have not been making much more money during this ritual. I’ve actually been making less than usual, but I think things are looking up. I just can’t wait for this darkness to go away. Also while doing this I’m repeating the Master Protection Ritual from Magickal Protection, so I’m sure my life is just undergoing a lot of clearing and change for the better right now.

Finally, this wealthy man I have been trying to manifest for a long time has been almost pushed out of my life (I have been seeing him for a year and utilizing both angels and demons to do love spells on him). I’m thinking him being pushed away is a combination of both rituals I’m doing (the protection one and wealth one). He does have a lot of issues and is very selfish, so maybe they are protecting me and leading me away from this relationship. We recently got in an argument (caused by him not fulfilling an important promise), and have barely spoken the past few weeks. Last year when I completed the Master Protection Ritual I remember I got in an argument with a very toxic friend of mine and I ended the relationship (it was bringing a lot of negative energy to my life and needed to end). I’m afraid that may be happening again but it’s sad because I do love him :frowning:

Overall, I’m just confused and a little sad. I’m looking for guidance from anyone who has worked with Elubatel or has used Magickal Wealth. Thank you.


I’ve never worked with Elubatel, but I’ve read testimonies from those who have off-forum. From my understanding, it’s merely a side effect of working with the angel.


Thanks, it’s interesting because there’s not many side effects of working with other spirits.


Hey @Love8888,
I’ve seen it often where when doing these rituals that for some that the situation worsens before it gets better.
As for this person you love that is being pushed away, I believe the angels are working in your best interest.
Sometimes it’s best to be broken down to be built back up even better.
Just my opinion though.


Thanks, he is a very selfish person and I think they might be trying to protect me. I get vibes they are testing me to show me what a bad person he is so that I finally move on…

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Wow, Elubatel is really really taking a toll on me. I feel the most depressed I’ve felt in YEARS. I feel like nothing makes me happy. I feel exhausted and a like there is a heavy weight over me. I’m so curious what the cause of this is and why he has the affect. Online I see that most people who work with him get depressed, but haven’t seen an explanation why. My thought was that, maybe it’s growing pains? Because I know he is an angel of omnipotence, and can bend time, shift reality, and change thought, etc. I seriously cannot wait for this ritual to be over. Only 4 days left.

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I have personally done wealth magick book, it works and shifts are thought and strong and to the best in the long term.

It’s about a year since I have started and my life has been completely messed up by it and rebuilt from ashes to whole next level with doors and pathways open for my future. My monthly income has increased about 10 times and most importantly it easily has the potential to increase 10 times on top that within next year quite easily.

I would say Elubatel has that method that he won’t take you the easiest way, but the quickest.

Ritual 2 had me in depression, but real effects only started to show itself later on. Depression does vanish pretty quickly after the work so don’t worry about it.

Problem is depression and challenges that the working brings to you through the changes in your life. I practically lost a majority of the people who were dear to me but were holding me back. My girlfriend who I wasn’t 100% content with, but did love, my best friend and even my business at that time. When looking back they were removed because they have done their purpose in my life and stopped me from growing or simply wasn’t something I was 100% happy about. That was damn thought period which changed me a lot and taught me to 100% rely on myself to get what I want.

On the good side it brought a lot of good things, right people, networks, ideas and new business opportunities, direct income first of all diminished as I closed the last business, then within a few months with a new one it grew of around 10 times of that it was before just like that. Work is also much more pleasurable and growth opportunities are way bigger. I would say this ritual even brought me an abundance of women as then doing it I had not just money in mind, but full life spectrum wealth. While I’m still looking for the right girl to settle, when the time is right she will appear.

So just stick to it, once you summon the tide, it has to wash everything that’s holding you back before building up a new way. My guess that the depression during the working is subconscious resistance to that is what is causing the depression and resistance to change. It will pass and you life will be in the new level, things will align and somehow will fall to their places.


Wow thank you, I really appreciate this. So you’re income increased x10 in one year? That is amazing and I hope the same happens to me. I also feel I’m losing someone that I was seeing. He is extremely wealthy but not very generous, also he is unreliable and scared of commitment. I guess I am wasting my time on him because the spirits I’m working with are all pushing me away from him. I know I have feelings for him, but I also know that I need to listen to what they are showing me.

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Also may I ask what you do/what industry you’re in? You can PM me if you don’t want it to be totally public. I’m an entrepreneur so I’m curious. I do sales, online drop shipping, real estate, and marketing.

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Not a problem, I remember how hard it was for me when I was going through it. Sometimes support is really needed. Most likely that’s the reason why he is vanishing out of your life, it’s painful, but for me, the pain was a catalyst for growth. At this point, if a breakup is meant to happen, it will happen, if not then it won’t. It might even be that he would come back chasing after you after you pull back a bit. Really in my experience not much that you can do to change things that were put in motion after this ritual. I still do miss her, but I got so many good things out of it… And I believe finding something else is just a matter of correct timing, most likely the same as all those occurrences until now after the ritual, this thing is also prearranged.

I will shoot you a PM about the industry.


Thank you. Yes I’m guessing maybe I am meant to marry someone else and Elubatel is just moving me to my correct path faster.

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As I was reading this thread, the following idea came to me:

With money, people often have self-defeating ideas, beliefs, worries/doubts, and other blockages which strangles the flow of Source energy, therefore preventing people from allowing the flow of money to increase in their lives. These blockages have to be released, and ofc it feels depressing. It feels to me as if Elubatel causes these depressing energies to come to the surface so that they can be released/dissolved.

Some of you may know that I follow the Abraham Hicks teachings, because I’ve found they are the clearest and most accurate source of information when it comes to the LoA, and how to create in harmony with the Universal Laws. Their advice is if you’re feeling depressed, the best thing to do is to take care of yourself, relax as much as you can, get plenty of sleep, and stay off the topic(s) that depress you. Don’t even focus on the fact you’re feeling down. If you can’t find a distraction that you enjoy during this time to focus on, then have plenty of naps, meditate, and get grounded. The depression will lift faster this way. I’ve tested this, and it does work. For more information, check out their videos on YouTube and their books.

Hope that helps.


My TL;DR experience with Elubatel (after depression so bad that it forced a suicide attempt) is that calling on this angel requires mental preparation as he forces you to see your weaknesses and it’s up to you as an individual to deal with it.

He’s like a tough-love (really more on the love side to be honest, since I didn’t actually die from my attempt) coach. I’m still working on my weaknesses but I feel much more prepared to work with him in the future.

I’m in the process of addressing the factors that led to my attempt (namely, loneliness, turning to drugs as a form of escape, and having such a poor self-image of myself) and I feel that in future workings I will be more successful in reaching out to this angel.

I’ve already begun to see some success in working with him, as I left a bad job and am now in one that is much more fulfilling and pays more. I am working on my self image through therapy and other magickal workings as well.

Looking forward to working more with this angel in the future.

Please please please check if you have baggage before working with this angel, he will drag them all out BEFORE you get what you ask for.