Has anyone here won the lottery from a money spell

I wouldn’t try it. Even if you win, that amount can destroy your life.

You know, I think I might just give this a go :thinking:

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St expedite is supposed to be helpful with this

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so my big question for you is why do you practice magical arts thrn if that’s your view? unless you are referring to yourself as the smoker who knows it’s bad for u but continue anyways?

I wasn’t really reffering to that, magick has helped me, also I met some obstacles, I gained what I wanted and then I lost it and then I regained it again. I was reffering to the fact that I’m aware some day I will fuck up some things and it might be chances that I might done something which can’t reversible. And also magick is the single thing that fuels my hunger for wanting more and more knowledge.

oh ok. so you are speaking from personal experiences so I can understand your point of view. but that just seems like a bad way to think of it in my view because if you believe u will lose it then you probably will just because of that belief if that makes sense. I could be wrong though but i believe a certain mentality and belief can hold a lot of power to either help it hurt you. just a thought


Another reason why I don’t quit (as your telling/suggesting me that I should quit) at doing this rode/path it’s the fact that I promised to myself that I’ll never quit, even if it will have negative or positive influences over my life.

I’m not saying u should quit I’m just saying with your view point why bother since its pointless unless you think you bc an overcome it at some point

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At least I’m not the single one who thinks that money won in unfair ways are disgusting.

It’s not disgusting

Also life is unfair. Deal with it.

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@Alex01 Nowhere did he say he agrees that using magick to win the lottery is either unfair or disgusting. That is only you. All he said is that a very large jackpot can destroy your life. He’s correct in that, but just because it can does not mean it will. There is a huge difference between the meaning of those two words.

You can be struck by a car and killed when you cross the street. Does that mean you should never cross the street because being killed is a possibility? If so, then it must mean you never leave your house.

I have NEVER lost anything I have obtained through magick. Nor have I ever experienced a loss to offset my gain. Sorry, but you are so completely wrong on that.

If you have personally experienced such a thing, then it is only because it’s a self fulfilling prophecy rather than some universal maxim.

Someone has to win. It doesn’t matter if it’s a random magician or a random non- magician. Someone will win, so it might as well be the magiican. That is hardly unfair.

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Would the difficult part of the operation be in the complete release of the energy raised to cast the spell… someone who really wants to win the lotto would most likely have a pretty strong need for it… from what i have read the sucess if the spell depends somewhat on totally letting go of the raised energy? Am i wrong?

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Never lost anything? That’s a matter of perspective. Weigh security to loss; there’s always loss and always gain on the scales of balance.

I have experienced that, but this is not the same for everybody.

Been wondering the same, would anybody Help. ?


Welcome @SOLIDBLAZE. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Really strange subtext in these posts that if you won loads of money, of course, you’d lose it all… yada yada usual Faustian pact rubbish. Plain fact is it is highly unlikely you would win the lottery using occult means, but there is no harm in trying. Most posts just expose attitudes towards wealth creation. I am naturally skeptical of the so-called “law of attraction” and have a servitor who chips away (rather too slowly for my liking) at making money for me.

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I have many time but not the jackpot ! Just recovered the price of the ticket plus slightly more ! It’s enough for me to get in the mindset of I alway win ! Last year I played $870 and won $940!


Very good post