Has anyone here used MTG cards for magick?

I was wondering if the magic: the gathering cards and color pie had already been used for some spell, like summoning a blue creature for intelligence or a white one for ordering something.

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This would be classed as Chaos Magick, which relies on your own power and not external entities. No one on these forums has done this with Magick the Gathering (MTG) that I know of, but they have done similar things like, work with the Daedra out of Elder Scrolls. It’s trendy to work with “vampires” right now and they’re all fictional as well, if it lets you get your energy out there, use it.

Under the principle that humans are creator beings, my opinion is that these entities exist as egregores (meaning, human made thoughtforms) in the collective human astral. They’re not powerful, but you can use the idea of them as a way to access your own energy, which is very powerful.


When we use the tarot for magick, do you think there’s “solid magickal” egregores that embodies the Emperor, The High Priestest … or they are just doorways for Zodiac/Astrology accoeding to the Golden Dawn Correspondances ?!?

I haven’t really noticed anyone approaching the symbolism in the characters in the tarot as actual personages instead of metaphor, and I certainly don’t. Card symbolism is more like dreaming and the messaging from the subconscious. Meanwhile the card positions sometimes tell you who the cards are in context, e.g., in the celtic cross spread the first card is “The Questioner”.

So, the cards, when I read them at least, always represent other people, things, attitudes and circumstances. The Star is not a particular entity called The Star, it’s an example of the person or thing the card is representing the energy of. I myself am often represented by the Queen of Pentacles, the Hierophant or the Hermit, or more than one, depending on the question, so when I see them I’m clued in that this is the card speaking o my attitudes.

I don’t think the Tarot has anything to do with the zodiac. There are websites making equivalencies between them but I don’t get the point tbh, they’re different systems for a reason. If were to do this I would probably design my own based on my personal relationship with my deck that I’ve had for 30 years rather than some random person online who’s energy I’m not familiar with.
I don’t know why the Golden Dawn would try to play matchy matchy like this and I don’t really play the follower very well, if I’m meant to use this it will come to me in due time. :smiley:


Do you think they can still be used as a source of power or more as a symbol/focus?

Edit: or maybe when i say “i call for the star card” i actually call for everything i linked the star to ? (Luck, guidance…)

I think they are not beings or a source of power at all, so no… but, the practitioner is, and the practitioner has access to Source, all power and all there is. A mere symbol is a tool, no more.

Imo, humans are creator beings that can do whatever they WANT to do, especially when it comes to designing flows of energy that rely on your creativity and imagination. You’re accessing your own energy imo, so get to that any way you can. I would caution against giving away power to a symbol isntead of acknowledging and honouring it in yourself first though.

Yes it becomes a mental shortcut to that energy, something you can condition yourself to that brings up those feelings and that energy very quickly without having to work at it so much.

Mental conditioning is a vey useful tool used a lot by mages and skilled people of all types. But there’s a big difference between a tool and an entity, in mu worldview.

To put it shortly, mental conditioning is a system designed purely to improve performance of those who are willing to train their brains to perform better at certain tasks. It involves specific exercises that aim to increase focus and mental toughness, develop creativity of the highest level, eliminate negative thoughts, and much more. All of that put together points you towards one direction: to achieve a limitless mind.

@mary_090 This concept can also apply to the MTG cards you can use them to train your energy responses similarly, it doesn’t matter at this point if it’s Tarot, MTG or Baseball cards, the common denominator is the practitioner and your control of your energy. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, you answered to me a huge question i was wondering for many months.

I use a lot of mental magick. So instead of calling for, let’s say, the 3 of cups to improve friendship, i actually call for the power of water (emotion) itself and number 3 (manifestation)

When i use the High Priestess, i just call for moon magick.

When i call for Emperor, i call for order ?!?

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

It’s going to be personal to your subconscious, which is fed by your personal history, your values and culture. There’s a layer of general expectation coming through from the collective unconscious that is good to run with, and it’s probably more broad than you need, so from there you can focus on your deck’s energy (I find they’re all a bit different and have a good amount of the artists spirit in them) and aspects of the Emperor that you are more interested in working with.

E.g. My deck is Karen Kuykendall’s Tarot of the Cat People and it has it’s own description for the Emperor that boils down to “Masculine, Leader, Indomitable spirit, reason over emotion, achievement”: I might go with the Nine of Wands for the energy of “order”, myself.


I’ve done it with Yugioh cards. There is a lot of power and energy invested in the cards and archetypes and the game itself that can be tapped and all the associated networks of thoughtforms. It is quite easy to draw on and reroute that power into your own workings. Fun too to say the least.


That’s awesome! I made a Yugioh deck for divination. I concecrated it and I cleansed, it’s like a typical tarot deck.


I’ve tried preying to Sigarda to help with my human deck


What did you mean by “a practitioner has access to the Source”? Do you have any books on that?

@NovaDragon Check out the list of books for energy working here:


Do you have Taurus or Virgo in your birthchart?

I don’t recall, but not anywhere interesting. I’m sun, moon, jupiter and chiron in Aquarius, Libra rising.

I tend to see these cards as speaking to that aquarian detachment, especially the hermit.

@mary_090 You could use cartain cards within the deck to help you connect to certain elemental creatures especially if you have the older cards too. You can use land types to connect to the elements of choice and a creature within that element as a familiar. Say you picked Forest as your element you could use The dryad card to be your entry familar in that realm.

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