Has anyone here ever died and had a vision of the afterlife?

I was looking it up and I was finding it interesting and wondering if anyone here had experienced that.


Yes i, i remember i died it the age of 19 years old down at Norlunga Bowling center, because some Catholics & Christians decided to put me to Death for practices of black magic for bringing Satan into the world, i remember when i was dead i wasn’t in my body i could actually see my own mangled remains on the ground in the arcade video gaming area, i was still in the Norlunga ten pin bowling center without a body, i could see everything as a ghost the same as living people can see, also dumping a piece for shit in the deep fryer in the bowling center cafeteria as a bad spirit, i did discover when i was a ghost i seem to cannot leave the bowling center because of the tiles at the exit, i would have fullen though, so i tryed to possess a living human to leave the bowling center, yes that other person i tossed into the deep fryer while i was a spirit his spirit got out of his body, and ran off, muttering i don’t wont to get involved with you thats me, i did see Satan while i was a spirit, also Jesus was there telling me i am condemned, he stuck me back into my body and rebuilt it, Satan will be rewarded me and i be rewarded paradise in Hell, one thing been back from the grave black magic isn’t as frightening and freakish and more, it doesnt act like it like i experience all those years before my Death, also i think i am a living dead, since 30 years since my risen from my grave i still practices of that same black magic which i got killed for i don’t feel any remorse i still feel hollow inside, i also at 48 still got a body of a 19 year old.:sunglasses::zap:

If you are condemned by Jesus, how could you resurrected back? Doesn’t that mean you are punished to hell?

Did Satan tell you what kind of rewards will you have in Hell? because i don´t think there´s too much to do after your dead…just sayin´

Yes i am another reason i think that Jesus cunt, is keeping me and Satan separated, but how long before that will fail, putting me back in my own body, and making me live to when the world ends, when our sun starts to expand so i be engulfed by the sun with the Earth, then off to Hell i go, also if that Jesus cunt think keeping me and Satan separated he has got another thing coming, i am still praticing inverted pentagram black magic, for me it is a direct link to Hell, yes i have been cut off from Satan by Jesus cunt, but i know very well, there is still some sort of connection still even it is very faint, if need be get someone to send a sneaky message to Satan "James Andrew Aplin the Bowling270 been cut off from Hells power for 30 years, by the Lords of Heaven, i am still praticing that same deadly parth of inverted pentagram Black magic, Satan needs to know to mount a war against Heaven and to re connection to Hell like Satan remember how dangerous i was using the inverted pentagram, so i can get back to my master, yes Satans glory.

Yes i do remember the images of Hell, the inverted pentagram excited, crawling i oven like temperatures along wooden floor gray color thick wide floor boards very wide cannot stand up, keeping crawling until i had to find it a ingraved inverted pentagram etching seeing other different breeds of demons taking other Deciples for taking to long to find theres, i did find mine, i had to trace inverted pentagram with 5 fingers together a certain way, then as i was doing it floor became a wooden wall had to keep on using inverted pentagram while seeing Demons giving others lashes, for being slack, one of the memories of Deciples of Hell black magic, i cannot wait to go back to Hell i loved it, in Satans world he has many mansions. At the beginning i remember when i enter while i was in my bedroom using inverted pentagram i was literally transportation to Hell a place where Deciples of Hell exist all wearing black robs inverted pentagram on forheads, very welcomed i would not want to betray i was give task to go crawling in high heat 150 Degree Celsius find my inverted pentagram then decend into Hell how far i could actually go.

are there in hell any hot female demons? or it is just a sausage fest?

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Yes there are, i don’t want to piss them off, but they are awesome, there not like the ones on Earth, they don’t like the virgin mary, and they don’t dob on me, but betray get taken to a another place in Hell get cut up and get put on hooks, cannot start moaning about how hot it gets in Hell, yes when i got transportation to Hell i have been chopped up de bowled, without screaming, more scream the worse it gets, there are weird machines in Hell, some look like band saws, which are operated by certain types of very frightening forms of Demons, Hell reminds me of Earth theres is a city of Hell looks like the city of Adelaide, another city of Hell looks similar to the city of London, another capital of Hell reminds me of New york city, they look a double for city of Earth one different all book stores in Hell black magic Demon books wont find on Earth, will not find books like better homes and garden boring books no holy Bibles, no Anton Levy Satanic Bible there, there is a different kind Lucifer Bibles inverted cross on front cover no inverted pentagram on Bibles in Hell only find Lucifer Bibles in Cathedrals of Hell more massive, the St Paul the poof Cathedral on Earth, the Cathedrals in Hell has a 30 story statue of Lucifer that comes to life. Before i forget Hell has thunder and lighting very deafening constantly and i am starting to see visions of Hell and hearing increadibly loud thunder clapps one after another, and visions of Deciples of Hell wearing hooded black robs inverted pentagram on forheads bear feet.

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So, in Hell, did you encounter any pleasant, peaceful places?

Being condemned isn’t a bad thing for a Black Magician. Hell, Jesus might even have made that comment positively. Because he finally cutter his ties from Jehovah.

What do you mean? Is he not a part of the trinity anymore?

Yes i did all mansions are very piece full to me, some plans of Hell are that hot its burglar proof, but see Satan and his minions exist well in that kind of climate, i am surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the giness book of records, we should really prepare our selves for those extreme temperatures, start condition ourselves for how hot, trouble is asphyxiation due to high heat, there has to be away, i have notice humanity been living on Earth for a long time, the sun giving us warm to hot days up to 55 C in shade it some days, humanity will still be living many more thousands to millions of more years, forgeting all about our sun one day our sun will start expanding, Earth temperatures will hit 700 degrees, i have seen no improvement regarding NASA, still boring no new innovations they cannot crack light speed, how are NASA succeed space travel in a shitty tin can, what scientist should be doing is making humanity resistance to temperature up to 1,500 degree so when our sun starts to supernova the Earth gets turned into a furnace we be able to go for a long run without disintegration.

I myself feel excellent, being condemned soulless, no sorrow, i hope to remain condemned for all eternity, do have to ever enter into Heaven, Satan showed me visions of Heaven, all Catholics and Christians are all in complete slavery in heaven, they get put into own Heavens and made to bowl the there pig headed God no paradise only a form of poverty they only get, all the Heavenly angles get all the glory, i prefer to go to Hell bound for glory, i might end up chopped up in Hell then magically get put back together over and over again, with out any scares , and become a Demon might get hot in Hell but eventually get condition to it, and burn away any humanity within me.

Thats right i been like that for 30 or more years not being apart of the Trinity anymore i gave away the Trinity when i was 17 years old now i am 48.

Yeah, it happened twice to get a vision with my corpse and near my corpse was a person that I considered to be “good” or trustworthy that into my visions was the cause of my death. I later found that this person is shit, evil, maniac, bipolar and that person caused me later some suffering, difficult moments thar were hard to forget. After some time, around 2 months I did a curse on that person and after more than a month I got also some mental visions with that person being dead, seeing her corpse. Something in me also confirmed the fact that she is dead or agonizing, soon meeting her end. Also some other things told me that.

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Yes I was around 8 years old then so I don’t know if I remember everything? One thing I think most get that I did was I was able to see but had no body. The darkish place had no borders or walls… I heard a voice from in front from above me ask me “If I wanted to go to the good and live or go to the bad and die” even in that form I felt a sudden feel of brink of death (like no breath/dwindling to nothing like my soul was suffocating/dying… ) and I felt like I won’t be able to answer quick enough before I die to chose, but I heard a voice from myself scream “I want live! I want live!” That minute I shot back to life, my sister trying to resuscitate me and an olive pip flew out of my mouth to the other end of the room… (I was eating olives before it happened ) . I got quite a few spirtual dreams after it happened but I don’t remember them all. To be honest after that (and before that)my life has been hell so I don’t know what the voice was trying to tell me… When I was younger I had a lot of weird and wonderful things happen to me when I was younger that I felt special that the spirit word cared to communicate with me (at least) when the world around me was awful to me… but I doubt myself if I’m all so special. Especially when I don’t know how to properly call on and utilise their help in my predicaments, which doesn’t make me feel so empowered. Maybe BALG can prove me different lol

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Well in my practice I have difficulties getting in the right state or hearing spirits. But.

After my loved ones died (2 Grannies, Grandpa, Mom and Uncle) I have asked that I want to see my mom again. And this happend. Granny I see very often (see raised me as a kid). I always go back to their home, my aunts home or our old place and see them again. They still try to spoil me :wink: and teach me. Most important be with me. In my Lucid dream or Astral realm

I’m very thankful for that.

Why I mentioned difficulties to get in te right state. The moments I don’t expect it happens I can easily use clairvoyance Clair cognizance clairaudience clairsentience. But I can’t seem to control it.

Even in my last vacation I saw dead people and an hand that was grabbing me. Maybe from the house I stayed in. Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s full of love. I do think I’m going to learn to control it. It only takes time.

I remember a one moment before my physical life.
This is not an event from my previous living, nor afterlife but something on between of them.
It’s hard for me to describe it well, because it’s really complicated to determine these feelings in human language …

I was in total darkness - that’s the first thing I could remember. The darkness was everywhere, like the entire plane was made of it, and at the same time this darkness was nothing.
I was freaky scared, like when you have the worst panic attack. I have never felt such a great fear. I didn’t know who I was, where I was and what happened with myself and the world. It was a feeling like having a really really deep amnesia. I felt like I lost myself forever and I was afraid that I stay there because “the world stated I don’t deserve to exist” - I was thinking so.
I don’t know how much time I spent there panicking (it was maybe 7 minutes or 15) but I started to slowly accept my “lost fate” and I felt I was falling into apathy.
(I thought something like -" I stay in this darkness forever if I have to")
But then, I can’t describe how it happened, but I got a “message” from my own thoughts (or maybe from myself. It’s hard to explain. It was a feeling like I just know something suddenly because i tell It to myself and it was true) and it sounds like -“you died”. And then my whole fear disappeared. Seriously - I felt relieved. It was a feeling like you just end a good video game and thought; “oooh…so this is the eeend? but I want to continue …” It was a really good relief for me. Ok, then there was a part I can’t describe in human way of thinking, but I try - I felt like “I” was talking to “me”. like I and something that is “me” was contacting with “I” through with my own thoughts that were it’s own at the same time but not necessarily… I felt like this darkness is not really a darkness but a form of gateway and on the other side of it, is waiting “I” for “me” (maybe my godform? idk)
Suddenly, my thoughts (or “me”) asked me a question which I perfectly remember all it’s words to this day. It sounded -" do you want to go back to home or do you want to see how your loved ones find out about your death first". Intuitively I knew they will not see me and I will not be able to do anything with this - Also, I knew they will suffer when they find this out. (I don’t remember who I was in my previous incarnation, but I feel I was responsible and caring for my loved ones there) I replied that “I want to go back home because I will not be able to hold and look at their pain”. I told to myself (or this next myself) I will find them on the other side when they will come.
I felt then, like my being was raised up to light (I have feeling like it was a golden sun, idk why) and some of my parts was crushed and stayed in the darkness - but these parts was no longer mine.
At the end I was feeling a great euphoria and I knew I will never feel scared again.

That’s all I remembered.
I’m curious if someone has a similar experience with this darkness or all, and want to tell about it.