Has anyone had results from request after summoning when you couldn't communicate?

Hi I have been doing alot of reading and watching YouTube videos on summoning. I was wondering if any newbies have had positive results after summoning a demon for help when you couldn’t communicate (see,hear or feel)
I have lit candles and incense,Focused on the sigil and chanted the enn. I never feel anything and I’ve been practicing meditation as well. I have also tried the petition route :grinning:
I have reached out to seere, sabnock, lucifer and amon. I have a pendulum but new so idk if answers are trustworthy
I’ve been doing alot of research and may try to contact Raum because I heard he can assist with many different things.


Even if you cannot sense the demon, if called correctly the demon will know you and your request.

It has been my experience that those who strain and struggle for a “supernatural” experience will create fantasies and delusions to satisfy their efforts. Those who do this very rarely receive results, or if they do they are feeble, transient, and lacking in the glory of true demonic manifestations.

If you persist, you will have genuine communications with the demons, but this will take time. Learning to calm the ever restless mind to allow the voice of the demon to arise, unmuddled by the ceaseless noise of the monkey mind, is not an overnight task, though it is not one of exceptional difficulty given patience and good instruction. I have no doubt, however, that if you browse this or other gathering places for these matters, that you will encounter those who claim amazing experiences from their first day of dabbling with magick (or perhaps from their first day alive, should they be the “natural born psychic” type). They will regale you with tales of extensive conversations, life-changing energies, and astral journeys that span landscapes of wonder. So many become enraptured by such tales that they fail to see what is actually standing before them - a fraud, so befuddled by their own overly-active daydreams that they have lost the ability to discern fiction from tangible, physical reality. Ask them of their results, and you will find that they rant and ramble and twist and turn their way around giving you a straight answer because indeed they have none, other than these psychological delusions which they cling to as the bastion which shields them from their incompetence.

I would encourage you to look beyond these fools, and to keep your attention on matters which affect you directly, here in this physical world. It does not matter if you can or cannot commune with a spirit if that spirit is incapable of delivering results. You may swing a pendulum about all you like, and await for it to tell you what you want to hear. You may also do the magick, trust that it will work, and then return to the pleasures of your normal life as your magick develops, grows, and ultimately, blossoms into the future that you have chosen.


I appreciate your feedback . You made great valid points. Thank you :slight_smile: I will continue to practice

of course all the time , I’ve been in to it for a year and half now , I can feel but have never heard or seen spirits, yet many amazing results . Don’t be too concern or try to push things , it will eventually happen naturally !


I have a hard time in the conscious realm so I do a lot of work in the astral realm. Although, The first time I did a ritual for Lucifer, there was a surprise severe thunderstorm right after I finished.


That’s kinda cool!

Tonight I attempted calling amon for help. I lit a red candle, some jasmine incense and had his sigil i drew next to the incense and candle. Then I had another sigil I drew I was focusing on. I wrote my petition on the sigil paper.
Do you have to open the sigil in order to be heard? I’m excited but I still have alot to learn and a long way to go.

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Have you tried to make a petition ,if you aren’t open enough to communicate with them?

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99 percent of my evocations are just like this.I get the result.I barely evoke though, when I do, I make sure things went correct and I dont doubt it.


Yeap in no way have i sensed there presence but I have seen the results through prince seere I’ve got What I asked for and didn’t waste time delivering


Yes, every time. I sense them next to me but I don’t ever hear or see anything. I usually sense something or someone next to my left ear when I contact. A lot of the time I can also close my eyes and get replies as images… But besides that I don’t communicate much. It still works


Yes I did one last night to Amon. I wrote on the paper with his sigil I drew. I had jasmine incense and a red candle lit.

You barley evoke?

Thank you everyone for your help. I just want to make sure I’m doing things correctly.

I meant I rarely evoke. :smile:

Oh ok. Lol thank you!

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Question for all of you if you don’t mind. I have an ex bf I’m trying to get back. I want 1 last chance to have my family back together again. How would you write a petition and is there any recommendations?

I also do petition ritual I dint hear anything but only 3,4 times I felt presence by candle flame,so I believe it worked even if I dun feel anything u hve to believe it worked ,wait for 1 month if u dun see any result than do the ritual again.

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I asked something to Orias and it worked in due time (I didn’t want to be in the same new year’s dinner with some dude, he delivered). That was after months of only having one initial experience and thinking that it was all in my head (but if it works, it works). That was external, there was no way to the placebo effect could make it happen.

I tried and failed a lot.

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Thank you everyone. Upuve been very helpful