Has anyone gotten rich from a Being on here?

Just curious? I hear stories but not from regular people.

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From posting?
From buying products?
For being one who made a product to be sold here?

Since I haven’t gotten my book I’m a bit more poor until it arrives but that’s just money-wise. Posting about experiences with spirits can be energetic. I’ve extended my “vacation” away from the toxins back home. Had a few set backs though just last night. Wifi in old laptop burned out and I pulled a groin muscle from doing nothing but about 100 squats. Kinda sucks so I need to work with some more sexual demon healing.


Rich in information and wisdom. :sparkles:


It doesnt exactly answer your question but it explains wealth through magick quite well.


Depends on your definition of rich.



I have big wads of cash in my pockets and stuffed in every corner of my room.

Unfortunately, it’s all Monopoly money.


So just laughed too hard and too loud at this!!


hahahah <3

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I wonder if you could use like some type of foresight to get the winning lotto numbers or something. Or have like a spirit pick out which sratchers are the winning ones if that would even be possible.That would be awesome

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If you use the search function and type in “lottery,” you will find a lot of threads about doing just that. None of the people who tried it ever won big though.

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We are rich in spirit and heart. And power.

In my opinion most of them just don’t care about money. What they have is more than enough for them…

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Frater X recently posted a testimonial of one of his students winning over 600k with the lottery using his money magick. Its in one of his recent mail bags if anyone wants to view it

If you want more money, then I think you should learn a skill or craft that can attract the money to you. You can provide skilled services, sell products, anything that adds value to someone’s life that you create or provide. People do not become wealthy by getting a random burst of cash. People become wealthy by generating larger and larger incomes over time.




Wealth or Health? Its rather ambiguous in a sense. Is my physical health that’s mortal worth more than the spirit that’s immortal (though being in pain sucks and I’m in a lotta pain atm hoping this isn’t a hernia though I don’t know how. I’m inclined its an inguinal tendon pull but who knows). Is wealth more important? Well, wealth allows for you to purchase the best in health.

End game… I’d hope to be a master in the current I like at the time. Maybe a dip in the demonic realm as my mind sees it. Rich in spirit but body to avoid the damn aches and pains of a deteriorating body would be nice.

Yeah weren’t you in our lotto group? But yeah none of us won big but did win consistently in small amounts. I think the most any of us got was couple hundred bucks.


No, I wasn’t in the group. I may have expressed interest though.


I don’t aim to be rich personally, I couldn’t care less to be, I just prefer to be content with myself. However, I have manifested my job, sometimes I manifest money which has proven to me with money randomly showing up in my bank account each time without a sender, things of that nature.