Has anyone evoked a God form?

I am reading my book “summoning spirits” and it said that it wont go into summoning God forms because they are too powerful, and is pretty much a death wish (It said an example was the Egyptian Gods). Well, has anyone evoked a God Form

Everyone or mostly everyone here has evoked a God or Goddess. It’s best to not take books at 100% fact and experience yourself. Less frontload and being told one person’s experience defines your own.


The Mastering Evocation course from BALG teaches how to do it, so…yes.


I once Evoked Lilith into my personal mindspace, just using her Enn as a mantra. She gave me a beautiful visionary trip and sang for me.


Yes, pretty much all my rituals, including the Egyptian Pantheon. And obviously, I am still very much alive


Not a god.

That’s your opinion.

Fair point. I consider most Jewish deities made-up thoughtforms, that might not be the case for you.

To be fair lilith was a sumerian Goddess. Later on adopted into the whole adam and lilith.


Interesting. So not only did they steal the idea of One from Pythagoras, but they demonized a Sumerian god. Never knew this, thanks. I was aware of their connections to demonizing Babylonian and Chaldean deities, but not Sumerian ones. Learn something every day.


Can I just point out, that whoever wrote that either didn’t try it, and they wrote a ‘fact’ they didn’t have personal experience with, or they tried it and lived just fine. So…? :smiley: :woman_shrugging:


You mean something like this?

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Lillith is Kali Ma and far from made up. She is Shiva’s consort.

I don’t believe she is Kali but uh okay? no one said she is made up so I am not sure what made you feel obligated to make that statement?

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That author is crazy. Don’t listen to him. I have evoked Billy Becker. Summoned him into the Earth.

One summoning of Billy Becker could cause Earthquakes if desired

I’m going to pretend I know who this is.
But for those who don’t, what’s so special about Billy Becker ?

I just honestly assumed it was a thoughtform.


Godform egregore

Short summary

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