Has anyone ever been lightly rocked back and forth by an invisible force, when invoking planets or working with spirits?

Like this? Its not bad, just wondering


Yes quite often when deep in trace. Body kinda rocks to my hearbeat without me realizing it half the time.


So it might just be the heart?

Up and down yes, not side to side. I have trouble entering a trance state without falling asleep. The few times I have while working with spirits, I felt my upper half being pushed and pulled. I sit cross legged on the floor and it felt like waves pulling me up and then slowly pushing me down.

It feels like its from the outside

That’s what I got too. It was around me, not inside.

Sometimes yes sometimes no. If i am not doing any energy work then itnis Usally my body swaying with my heartbeat. If i am this pulsing of body will sometimes be out of sync with my heart. Its not something ive pondered on too much outside of my yoga and energy work.

Yes, most often back and forth. However, I’ve felt side to side and a sensation of being yanked upwards or downwards… Usually downwards… It felt like it was around me, then reaching inside me, moving me around… Usually while I am in deep meditation or trance; however, I have had this occur while I was fully conscious and not spacing out at all…

Yes. I’ve figured it’s a sort of sync.


I tend to do this when i’m Relaxed in my chair.

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Im pretty sure its a typical indicator of kundalini rising within yourself. Rocking back and forth, or in a circular motion.


It happens to me too when I’m deep in a trance.

same i feel like waves or a current around me

Yeah I thought it might be that, sometimes I was getting a bit paranoid and thought an entity was shaking me around, instead of realising it was successful energy rising


I was just going to say this is a good thing. But you said it yourself.

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I believe its called the rapture state?
Do correct me if I’m wrong…?


Happens to me when I mediate. It’s a sign of deep trance.

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My head rolls straight back and I rock when I go.

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I tend to have this the most when working with Belial.

I do this all rhe time