Has Anyone Been To "The Edge" Or Beyond?

I’ll start with a quote and then give you my brief encounter, let me know if you have had similar experiences as it really is a fascinating and scary place for those that have dared to knowingly or unknowingly venture…

caveat: i do not believe this is a place humans should venture to, and if you have ever been close or to or within the edge, you will understand why, so buyer beware, do not try this at home or anywhere else (i am not responsible for your actions and whatever transpires if curiosity gets the better of you)

so here goes:

now it is not somewhere you go when sleeping or anything like that… the way i got there was through my ‘normal’ waking state

the best way i can describe it is being the underlying mechanical and almost robotic state of reality that pretty much governs everything (ie: it is almost like the operating system that synchs everything to absolute precision)

it was revealed to me at the beach in a way that allowed me to be brought back to the ‘mundane’ so to speak, as the steps i was guided to take led me to stand in a specific spot where just the right amount of water splashed onto my face and woke me back to my normal waking state if that makes sense

i’ve heard of other people that choose sobriety go there, so am unsure if you need to be on the sobriety path to access anything like that

not long after that i felt being drawn back to the edge and literally wrote and deleted my way out of going anywhere near the edge again… i’ve never been so scared in my life… it truly was the most frightening experience i’ve had (just the thought of going back to the edge)

so please don’t ask how to get there, because even if i had the instructions i would not share them with you, the consequences are just too frightening

anyway… there are very few quotes about the edge out there, i’m not talking about living life on the edge, but this quasi realm that essentially animates us and our reality… so maybe some of you too have been there?

looking forward to your responses :slight_smile:

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How is it any different from TGS or the rapture, a runners high or a plain drug trip? This author got there through getting high on adrenaline and other body chemicals…


runners high - nothing like the edge
drug trip - not really present

the edge - although still the organic part of nature, seems very precise and like the governing underlying body of time and space, that which binds and animates everything to utmost precision

very hard to explain

i wouldn’t recommend going there anyway, no offense to the edge itself although for the short period of time i was there, it seems like a place that humans should not go, simply accept and be grateful for its existence

well, don;t know if I looked over the same edge as U but once I tried 2 contemplate time, specially what is just future in an instant becomes past. Freaked the out of me, It was a powerful experience.
Sure in the 3 modes of time something is missing, but can’t exactly get what !!!

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I recommend anyone who has not read the full “the edge” essay by hunter s thompson, do so whenever convienient. It is easy to find on the first page results on google if not. The example of the edge provided in that essay is reached through his full throttle, balls to the wall 100+ mph no helmet motorcycle experiences.

That being said, like many other philosophical ramblings, there is a deeper meaning that can be extracted.

I consider mythological stories, ancient scriptures and epic philosophy to have 3 major levels of interpretation.
1)the exoteric teaching, as it is directly written and read.
2)the esoteric undertones
3)the mystery level, where the dots connect between traditions.

I am of the opinion that all of the levels of interpretation can be viewed as a correct representation of the message. It comes down to a matter of temperament and the ability of the student to digest the material. (The reason it is usually better to attempt to awaken someone you care about in a progressive linear manner, by the introduction of relevant occult teachings slowly over time, as opposed to breaking out the great scroll of knowledge when they are not ready or able to digest its contents).

My point is, that the edge that is being discussed can be found on all levels, and is just as intense to the one experiencing it. The physical edge of full throttle reckless abandon as H.S.Thompson speaks, where you know you have went beyond the point of your ability to control the outcome and have surrendered yourself to the exhilaration of riding the whirlwind…what will be will be. Good, bad or otherwise your decisions have got you to a point of possibly no return and the wheel of fate is in control for that moment.

That being said, I believe most responses are indicating experiences on the outerlimit of perception and comprehension as it relates to soul travel, where to move beyond would require a total surrender to all ideas of not only control, but self completely. If that is the edge of which you speak, then no doubt the resistance one feels as they toe the line and look out into the unknown will be massive. Surrender to the unknown, be it physical astral or otherwise, is an overwhelming experience.

It is an experience that many never return from, at least not as they were prior to crossing the threshold. Perhaps that’s the point.

Maybe that’s what I don’t understand - what’s unknown about this? Am I that jaded that while I get it’s a way to have a mystical experience, it’s not that mysterious.

The edge is very short. rather self-indulgent and boring, imo, 1st person narrative about riding a bike recklessly enough to risk a serious accident… and… what? And nothing that’s what. You can listen to it narrated by Johnny Depp on yt.

Dude drives fast and dangerously, dude is definitely going to be high in adrenaline, dude has an altered consciousness experience unhinging his mind temporarily - and wonders why?

so please don’t ask how to get there, because even if i had the instructions i would not share them with you, the consequences are just too frightening

Melodramatic much?

  1. Don’t need to ask you, it’s obvious - use pain or fear to get the animal aspect of your being to eject you, instead of doing the work to learn how to soul travel in a controlled way. I think there’s better ways. … Uh, not the pain way, been there done that, the trouble is again, you’re very limited in what you can do once you get over that edge, you’re not in control.
  2. I don’t think it’s the consequences that are ‘frightening’ - it’s the activity that’s frightening and using that fear as a tool. … unless you’re that inexperienced anything transcendental freaks you out. Maybe for those who never had an OOB or went anywhere really interesting during soul travel…? You do get used to it though.

I don’t know,right now I’ve got the same feeling I have watching teen girlies crying and screaming at pop stars - completely bemused about what supposed to be so exciting. This is very limited as techniques go, because of the lack of control there’s only so much you can do with it before you either die or get walloped back into your body.

I had my first OOB at 6, like EA said, ‘I’ve died SO many times’, oh good someone else found another way to do it, only risking other people’s lives to boot, that’s nice… but it’s just another transcendental experience… whoopie?

Yeah I still don’t get it. :confused:

When in an alterd state of consciousness you get out of it what you put into it . This is what magick is . If you approach it from the point of view that you are god you are all powerful ,all knowing and everywhere at one then anything is possible. If you let the experience controll you then you open yourself up to any number of things usually fear.the key is knowing that you are God and being God in the experience. Know you God. Accept this. Let this fill you. Then do as you will.

I don’t believe the edge is an OBE or soul or astral travel or anything like that

My experience is that it is an expanded state of awareness where you are simultaneously living in the third dimension of our physical reality, yet are having a sneak peak at the governing body that animates everything like clockwork (that’s the best way i can put it)

I also don’t believe we choose to go there, i believe that once on your spiritual journey then the edge will decide whether or not you need to go there and see/experience that state of reality… I say this because i know that the amount of time i spent there was timed to precision by the way i was brought out of the edge and back to a normal state of awareness, any longer would of been too long and any shorter i would of not had the understanding transfer to my being

I’m probably referring to a different edge than described by Hunter S Thompson, although I like his quote so that is why I use that as my word of choice

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When I was biking (albeit on a bicycle) I was just testing it out of the shop. She was primed and purring as I put the pedal to the metal as fast as I could go. Big red was cruising faster than I can recall and I was pushing for more. Then came that stupid Doberman pincher flying stupidly across the fence into my front tire and everything went all MATRIX. The dog, my bike, me, the huge white truck, Happy the other dog behind the fence with his quizzical look… etc. I half spun and landed on my back sliding while my bike was doing cartwheels in the street. The dobie flipped and crashed in a heap in the middle of the street and the truck veered. Then everything sped up again. My elbo was torn a bit but miraculously I landed on my back and didn’t split my skull. The dog didn’t move, my front tire and handlebars were ruined. The truck sped off and I could see another coming in the distance. I yelled my frustration as I got up, the dog finally twitched and got up dragging its rear legs. I picked my bike up and started walking home yelling at the owner who kept accusing me with stupid questions. Might not be the same but from thrill to spill it was. Fate was kind enough I survived with only a Harley torn elbow. Skin looked nasty but it functioned and just heavy bruising on bone and muscle. I took further frustration out by digging the rest of the day and planting daffodils.

i just want to say, that i know what you feel
and yes, it’s freaky AS FUCK
and i (guess)know how to go there again,the steps, but i don’t even try since that day, because freaks me out so much. And i don’t know how i did get out that strange piece of reality, eventually happened.
So i know how to enter, but don’t know how to exit haha sad.
this shit happens day 06.10.2018

yeh… I almost collapsed and I got ‘my download’ so to speak. I went outside the universe into what I call super space its just black … nothingness zilcho but due to no light at the speed of light being able to escape a universe there are many universes out there you just cant see them, you cant even see the one you just left, I don’t like it much out there its so very dangerous and cold its could freeze your thoughts.

  • there are many universes in this super cosmos.


“I have walked the edge of the abyss. I have seen your future and I have learned.”

Once you can see the choreography, you have stepped beyond the Veil. You might require meds after this occurs, but once you get a hang of the dance, things can be fun.

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I was at a rave in Denver once called Crystallize in 2016. I did my Summoning of the Singularity dance, then I meditated on a lounge chair. At one point I was having this telepathic conversation with a girl in a tiger suit who was sitting in the chair across from me, and she wanted to have sex but I was like naw I’m busy with the white light of bliss, hacking the fabric of space-time. That’s beside the point though.

Later that night as I was walking back from this shady area of the city near the morning i knew I was there at a place called thee edge. I was walking at thee edges of the cosmos after dematerializing and rematerializing, having bought with me the madness of Cthulhu as a keepsake.

True story.

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