Has any one worked with Baalduru?

I cant find much about him on the forum all i know is hes a “miracle maker”
any help?


I did but maybe the evocation did not go too well.There were mixed results x


can you say what happened and what he looked like?

And if any one has worked with Daoloth or Tutu ? how did that go? and when evoking them did you use their names or their chants?

It didn’t go too well as I was physically sick at that point and I didn’t see a form just got a message telling me to be patient.

Simon’s necronomicon is good but works better for some people.

I found my calling with the nine kings of hell x


ok thanks i was surprised there wasn’t more information on the forum.him and did you use the name Baalduru to call him?

Did all the instructions A to Z even tried Koettings incantations but maybe he was unwilling to help me.So as we have to respect the spirits willingness to help I just went on to work with Lord Belial and Lord Paimon who are more friendly and open I guess.

It’s all about what chemistry you strike with these entities basically.

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i was just looking to see how true the “miracle maker” title was.

from what i understand you should chant the word baaldure not his name.em i wrong?

Follow the method as given in the book. At Step 3, you speak the name of the spirit you are calling (insert it at the first blank line in the conjuration where it says, "Hear me, O Thou) and then you speak (NOT chant) the “Word of Power” (insert it at the second empty line in the conjuration where it says "Come to me by the power of the Word)

By the way, the spirit’s name is BARASHAKUSHU, not Baalduru as you put in the title.

"The Fourth Name is BARASHAKUSHU.
Worker of Miracles. The kindest of the Fifty, and the most beneficent.
The Word used at his Calling is BAALDURU. "


ok thanks it was i read that just repeating the word will evoke the entity . as you activate the sigil then chant baalduru. i will give it a try. thanks again.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: As far as my understanding of the system of the Necronomicon Spell Book goes, you need to actually speak the whole conjuration as it is written, because it is actually a prayer for the spirit to listen to your plea. These beings are specific to this system and shouldn’t be evoked in any other way but that given in the book. If you don’t, then at best, nothing will happen, and at worst, the spirits may be angry, which could be a bad thing. These beings are not like the demons of the Goetia that magicians have been conjuring for hundreds of years, where you can just chant an enn or a name to call upon them. Until you have experience with the system as written, it is best not to try to cut corners, just in case you leave out something important.

Edit: You can always try it both ways and see if there is any difference in result. Do the full method as written, and note how the sigil responds, and then try another spirit by just chanting the Word of Power.


Have you personally evoked him? the sigil flashes before i say any thing.

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Not that particular spirit, no. I have tried the fifteenth Name, Ziku, but got no response at all.

Sorry for intrude into your conversation but can someone please tell me what is the method ?? Pleeeeeeease ----

Hi there! We were discussing the method in the Necronomicon Spell Book.

Also, please take a moment to introduce yourself:


Oh thank you
Sorry another question where can I find that book?

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its really easy to find just thorough google.

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Thank uu

This is worth reading.