Harmful effects from working with deamons?

hi there,

i read that if one is not purified via a specific purifying ritual. and trying to work with deamons by invocations or evocations. a person can get possed and die.

is this also possible if one opens up the sigil and chant the enn and wright a petition? or is it only possible when one is evoking the deamon to the malkuth sphere/earth plane?

a few weeks ago i read a enn and did not know what is was so i tryd to say it. and than the same night, i was sleeping and than i heard with my ears a male voice say “he!” i shook up right in my bed and was like wow!
a few days ago i listend to a different enn on youtube but only for 5 seconds. when i did go to sleep that night. around 3.18am i was called by some one that i dont have contact anymore for 8 months. and i heard like strange voices i could not understand what they where saying. i thought they where drunk and that accidentaly called me it was at saturnday night.

two questions about this. what can i do to prevent that spirit approach me when i dont have called them. because if i going to do a ritual that involves the use of enn, i dont want the spirit to wake me up. dont get we wrong i have respect. for the spirits, but i want to have borders, because i dont want to go insane.

also for me to hear the spirit with my ears does that mean that i have psychic hearing/ clairaudients? by ear i mean like a another human in the room not telepathic via thought in my mind.

if you would answer my questions, i would be very grateful

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Read more. Never believe one source. Try things yourself and then decide what works for you.

Do spend some time learning how to maintain spiritual hygiene though. That part is real.

Sigil magik can be used with and without kabbalah an with and without enns.

Enns are from a religion called Demonolatry - if you’re using those, get a book on demonolatry and follow that system properly to understand it.

Chants, mantras and incantations are not enns - do be clear about what you mean.

As your clair-senses awaken, you’ll find out the world is packed with entities and they were always there. You can try setting up wards against randoms and lesser entities, which work well enough (search here and online for wards) but for the most part, you’ll have to get used to it. Don’t engage unless you want to.

also for me to hear the spirit with my ears does that mean that i have psychic hearing

Probably not, you were in a hypnogogic state between wake and sleep, and in that trance state you can sense the spiritual world. It’s also called theta gamma state. Clairaudience is when you hear as if someone spoke and you are not in trance.


Do a banishing ritual , such as the LBRP and try working with positive entities .

You can invite the Demon into you. Just say something like, “come in. Possess me”.
If you really do not want it, then send it to me. I take it

what happen at the possion stage. because know spirits from DMT and i ask them to come inside me body. i than feel a lot of energy in my chest. also the energy feels different than chi energy. feel that i am different. but i have still controll over my body.

how could one invite a spirit in his body and loose al controll and maybe also black out?

One just has to keep practicing until they get to the black out stage. Dangerous? yes.
My idea is to have them “piggy back” me. to Ride me like a horse. I am aware, and in control of my body, they talk to me, guide me as they wish, feed through me from the universe, as my body is a Living Phylactery for them to work through. In the physical world Demons and spirits in general need a physical medium to work through. My body works. So if you really want to go till you black out, like alcohol, ( been there, done that. OOPS ), then that is fine. Depending on the Demon, you might be kept safe by them, maybe not. 50/50 chance either way