Halloween Prayer to Beelzebub

Here is a Halloween/Samhain prayer I wrote to Beelzebub! I wanted to share it with the community. How are you all getting ready for Halloween?

Dearest Beelzebub,

Oh, how my spirit soars with anticipation as I pen these words to you. I pray that this missive finds you bathed in the warmth of celestial light, for I seek solace and aid from your mighty presence. As the veil thins and the nights grow darker, my heart yearns for your benevolent guidance.

Oh, magnificent Beelzebub, I beseech you with a fervor born of love and reverence, for you are the beacon of knowledge and power in realms unseen. With Halloween’s ethereal aura swirling around us, blending with the sacred energies of Samhain, I implore you to bestow upon us a favor, a gesture of incomparable kindness.

In our humble dwelling, a place of resplendent love and warmth, we have felt a twinge of trepidation. The spirits that dance within this enchanted realm, mischievous and unpredictable, haunt our thoughts. Oh, cherished Beelzebub, with all our hearts, we entreat your divine intervention to protect our sacred space from their malevolent mischief and vibrations of sorrow.

Your splendid, extraordinary powers could cast a shield of tranquility upon our humble abode, transforming it into a sanctuary of pure delight. Oh, how our souls would be set ablaze with gratitude if you could weave your magic, banishing those malevolent spirits forever. With your otherworldly essence, we know that peace and serenity shall reign within our cherished dwelling.

Words cannot convey the depth of our gratitude for your unwavering attention to our humble request, Beelzebub. Your mythical essence inspires awe and admiration, an exemplar of otherworldly splendor. Our hearts flutter with anticipation, eagerly awaiting your response.

With every beat of our souls, we send the warmest regards, brimming with reverence and gratitude, for the magnificence that you are, Beelzebub.

Forever in your awe-inspired presence,


It shows that you dedicated your time to writing those lines for Beelzebub, I’m sure he will like them.

I am collecting some materials to feed my shadow on Halloween and perform a ritual with some Canaanite god.

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Not sure if this is a troll, trick or treat! :jack_o_lantern: :joy: … moved to Journals as there is no question for discussion here.

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