Hail king paimon

Recently I’ve been thinking of leaving a job where my boss was extremely toxic
If you ask why I stayed for so long it’s because I was receiving a GREAT salary…
So I had to put up with his shit to get paid
But I’ve had enough!
I drew king paimon sigil, meditated on his sigil for while then started calling him till I got the feel of “state your desire” so I asked from him to get me a job with even higher salary by the end of this week and I will honor him with my art then i burned his sigil with feeling of being grateful and just thanking him for listening and so on.
Two days later i received a call from a company that offered me a job with even higher salary.
Sigh… thank you king paimon
I did my part and honored him with drawing now I’m not artist nor i have seen king paimon but I took inspirations and went on from there.


Hail King Paimon!
Congratulations on your new position!

That’s a good drawing dear! Good job!


Congratulations on your New Job!!

Also that is a beautiful Drawing :heart_eyes: I look foward to seeing more from you.

Hail King Paimon


@Kulina8 @Twilight_Dragon thank you so much :))



And that’s quite a reasonable likeness of King Paimon from what I’ve seen personally.




Congratulations on your success!


:hugs: congrats!
Hail king paimon!


Praise king paimon, he is indeed a great!


Hail King Paimon!
Great job and results Hadella!


That is awe inspiring Hadella. I have read quite a bit about King Paimon myself and the fact that he did hear you and extend his hand to help you, is just…wow. I want to learn more!!



just when i am thinking of reaching out to the great king, i am Seeing his name here!
Hail King Paimon!!


I’m not trying to get a job from him, I’m trying to create persuasion/manipulation of thoughts of other people (no harm intended) that lead to a better income for me (plus a loan that I need).

On Dec 24th I offered him and his kings,a feast and wine. I didn’t feel a strong presence, like in some other cases. I was wondering if he was busy (at least I heard from a more experienced black magician that yes, kings may be ‘busy’ sometimes and not come exactly when YOU want).

So it was the first time I contacted him.

Any tips for a more succesful evocation? (Favorite offerings, incantations, direction, what does he like, diurnal or nocturnal, etc?)

PS: I also need his help in my artistic work (another request)


His a king that I truly respect and admire and I’m looking forward on working more with him in the future :+1:t5:

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JUST DO IT!!! Jk go for it his amazing especially for beginners :slight_smile:

That’s so generous of you but it sometimes isn’t about what you offer(we do offerings as humbling gratitude towards these gods)
I suggest meditating on his sigil and just trying to build a connection with the king before jumping into evocations
So don’t ever doubt
you just need to work more on developing your senses
It’s okay to evoke him couple time till you get the results that you desire
just make sure to keep in check on what works and what doesn’t feel right on each time you evoke him
It might take but it’s worth it
Be respectful :slight_smile:
Btw EA new video on king paimon is really helpful
I suggest that you check it out

Edit: I think it’s important to build a pure relationship with damon or any spirit
they will respect and want to do more for you and will make sure you liberate because of the mutual love and respect that you have
So please don’t have the mind set of “if I did this I will get this” just be honest and approach them the pure intantions.

I talked with him briefly on Dec 24th, he seemed very busy and rushed like he had important matters to attend to so he probably was busy when you tried. I find the hours of 3 - 9pm CST he is more responsive, however I have a personal relationship with him so I do not know exactly if that would work for formal meetings?

His favourite food is Lamb, I think he likes Haggis as well. He loves wine, particularly red. (Unless you manage to score his favourite wine, which is white and from some obscure place in France). He likes sugary foods, so sweets and candies are good. Avoid anything sour, I learned earlier today actually that he hates citrus.


Oh and I want to mention, yes he does always come when he’s called but if he’s got something else he’s doing it’ll usually be a “come back later” or “I’m busy at the moment”. He ALWAYS shows up, sometimes just to tell you to try later in which he will fully, presently appear.


Okay peeps I did it and now I would really really like if someone can find out if his Highness heard me and will accept what I have asked for.
How I wish my senses were better.
So please please anyone, would like to volunteer for this humble help. :slight_smile:


You will know that he heard you when what you asked for manifested.
The only thing I can say is you will instantly feel it if he heard you
If you didn’t feel anything after
give it time
And try again later
Another thing is is important that you detach yourself from it and not think too much out of it or you might end up doubting it.